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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Back in the Saddle
First of all, thanks for all the praise and congratulations heaped upon me and Doc via this Livejournal and some of the message boards I so frantically perused in the hours after our premiere. You have warmed the cockles of our tiny, black hearts. And we are pleased you enjoyed our little telepresentation.

In lieu of any preview images this time, may I direct you to the adultswim.com clips page, wherein one can view a number of spoiler-heavy, moderately joke-killing preview clips from future episodes. No doubt Adult Swim will keep posting more clips from other future episodes in that location during the coming week(s), so I guess keep checking back there from time to time. It's probably why they do that.

And, of course, there is also Adult Swim's "Friday Night Fix", wherein one can re-watch last week's premiere episode and, in a few hours, this week's episode up to 52 1/2 hours before the rest of the country gets to see it. Bear in mind, it's not as cool as watching it on TV for a lot of reasons (jerky streaming, lower quality picture and audio, and the lack of a certain indescribable energy a "live" broadcast possesses--like hearing your favorite song on the radio as opposed to on an iPod or something). I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole showing-the-episode-before-it-airs thing, but I'm just gonna roll with it as some sort of exercise in the power of the internet and viral marketing. Or something like that.

For those of you who bought the Venture Bros. Season One DVD, there is a "lost commentary" available for download at quickstopentertainment.com. We always knew there'd only be room for about four or five episode commentaries on the set, but we recorded a few extra ones as we worked out our various sound problems and tried to tried to acclimate ourselves to the idea of talking at our computer for 22 1/2 minutes. Also to give Adult Swim a variety to choose from. If you liked the commentaries on the DVDs, this is more of the same kind of fast and loose crap. If, however, like a number of people who complained that we just "wander off topic" and "never talk about the shows," you didn't enjoy the commentaries, well...never mind. You probably won't like this one either. But seriously, how much can you talk about the production of a cartoon? There are no amusing anecdotes about "that day on the set," and any time you want to say something like "this is the part where we ripped off ________," they just bleep it out for legal reasons anyway. Incidentally, quickstopentertainment, Kevin Smith's new entertainment news site, is the new home of Honorary Astrobase Cadet Ken Plume, who you may remember often cajoled us into giving him some extras and stuff for ignfilmforce in the past. Keep an eye out in this week's episode, "Hate Floats," for Ken's bedroom, which makes an appearance in the pre-credits sequence (some of the crap Ken's owned and/or sent us for free over the last year also appears, later in the episode). And then marvel at the sheer coincidence, the perfect symmetry of life, wherein we loosely base certain traits of a certain character of ours on our good friend, make that character dress like Kevin Smith used to, and then that self-same friend goes to work for Kevin Smith. Truth is stranger than fiction, and twice as beautiful. Even when it's not pretty.

Just for giggles, below are the titles of all of this season's upcoming episodes, in roughly the order they're to air. Figured I'd beat adultswim.com to the punch for once (titles and running order subject to last minute change, as is our habit):

"Powerless in the Face of Death"

"Hate Floats"

"Assassinanny 911"

"Escape to the House of Mummies"

"20 Years to Midnight"

"Victor. Echo. November."


"Fallen Arches"

"Guess Who’s Coming to State Dinner?"

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills"

"¡Viva los Muertos!"

"Showdown at Cremation Creek"


We Love You.   <i>JP.</i> We Love You. JP.

P.S. How cool is it that Adult Swim is going to start showing Pee Wee's Playhouse?!?

I hope that The Monarch can win back Dr. Girlfriend!

Off Topic Ranting Like Bill Cosby

There's no reason to get uppity about the off topic ranting. I think that the day my good friend Jon and I popped the Dvd in we were rolling with the catty comments wistfully tossed between the both of our intrepid co-creators. That's kind of the whole point, to get that bizarre moments worth of insight into the "makers" brain and say to yourself..i'm not as fucked up as those guys.

The new season really is a treat though. I think the moment that I nearly lost my "trent reznor ism here" was during the many deaths of Hank and Dean montage. Once again last night...you got me with the Hulk hand incident...we've all glanced at them in the store and made them talk..alright I tried them on but who can judge me! Not even the fine people of target.

Is there any hope of a soundtrack to the show ever emerging? I love my copy of Steroid Maximus and new from the first episode who it was giving the title credits there umpf? Just an idea..then you both could do a nice reading of something for fun like on the Crispin Glover Cd... The Latest Previews if you will
just a thought.
love the show
"like the heathenly hues of the woman on fire" (Elbow)


i wanted to say thank u SO much for not giving the monark the commonly overused menacing laught that so many have

What do you have against the overused menacing laugh? The overused menacing laugh is a classic. But I don't think the Monarch has the vocal range to pull off the traditional low-pitched snicker evolving into a shrieking cackle. He'd have an asthma attack or something.

Re: laugh (Anonymous) Expand
Another thing about "Hate Floats". I noticed your name credited as voice of the female shop clerk. When I heard it again, it didn't sound like you that much. I guess the other female VAs who are on the show had other scheduling conflicts perhaps.

If that voice truly was all Jackson, no modulators or anything of that breed, then bravo. That was one of the most spot-on women voices from a man that I have ever heard.

I have a couple of production questions. What do you send to the people in Korea, what do you get back, and do you have any control over what goes on over there? Do you have to worry, or do you just go to the next episode and wait for it to come back all animated?

Am I right in guessing that Hank and Dean didn't recognize Dr. Girlfriend because Rusty cut their subliminal education short at the beginning of the episode? Didn't Hank at least meet Dr. Girlfriend while Dean was having his testicles untorsioned?

Jack Gladney

Hank never indicated that he didn't know who she was in "Hate Floats."

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Will "Life as a highway" appear in the new season?

Just wondering ;) .

Has it been 2 years and 17 days yet? :-)

from a stroke . . .

maybe wrong maybe not

not to nit pick but i thought i would talk aobut some things i might be wrong about

1. i thought that 24 was killed in the trial of the monark for writing the book

2. also i noticed that the chalk board in the mexican ep was a little off it said something like no way impossable but then a few frames later theres alot of squiggles on the board ...granted tahts just me being stupid paying attention to detail

Re: maybe wrong maybe not

1. 24 couldn't have been killed in Trial of the Monarch because he was alive and well in Return to Spider-Skull Island and helped accidentally kill Hank & Dean. In Trial of the Monarch 21 & 24 pinned a confession note to some other henchman (a dead one) and propped him up at the Monarch's bedroom door.

2. It happens in cartoons. Mistakes. But Doc did quickly scribble a church and a flying pope shooting lightning off screen.

Re: maybe wrong maybe not (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Or they just don't get the jokes. LOL

(Deleted comment)
Crap, really? While I've seen that movie a dozen times (not in about eight years or so, though) I was actually thinking of an ex-girlfriend who was a bit of a grammar nazi when I wrote that bit. Chalk me up for another subconscious joke theft. Dammit.

I just wanted to say as a huge fan of OZ I was tickled pink with the nod in Season Two! It isnt often that a girl's two favourite shows get combined!

I think I am looking forward to Assassinanny 911

That's the episode that I presume, Molotov takes care of the boys in.

The hunter Gathers episode is also high on my "want to watch" list.

Also, is dean going to wear the jump-suit throughout the season now?

Re: I think I am looking forward to Assassinanny 911

isn't it a "speed-suit"?

The Superman Reference

Considering the opening this weekend, having the monarch recite Lois' awful poem from the 1978 original has to be the biggest good luck coincidence ever. This season is totally shaping up to be stellar.

Hey... as a fan of your BRILLAINT SHOW, I have three FAN QUESTIONS--

1.) Is Speedy, the first loveable character who died in the show, named after a Palomar character [from the graphic novel 'The Death of Speedy']

2.) Is there a reason we never see the villains doing any actual villainy of interest [no thefts, no domination, even the pirates' boat theft didn't seem in thier selfish interest...]

3.) Is there any truth to this thread--> http://urbaniak.livejournal.com/44637.html?thread=1566813#t1566813


So the theory is that Doc Venture and Brock were with the same lady at around the same time and what Doc doesn't know won't hurt him huh?