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Back in the Saddle
First of all, thanks for all the praise and congratulations heaped upon me and Doc via this Livejournal and some of the message boards I so frantically perused in the hours after our premiere. You have warmed the cockles of our tiny, black hearts. And we are pleased you enjoyed our little telepresentation.

In lieu of any preview images this time, may I direct you to the adultswim.com clips page, wherein one can view a number of spoiler-heavy, moderately joke-killing preview clips from future episodes. No doubt Adult Swim will keep posting more clips from other future episodes in that location during the coming week(s), so I guess keep checking back there from time to time. It's probably why they do that.

And, of course, there is also Adult Swim's "Friday Night Fix", wherein one can re-watch last week's premiere episode and, in a few hours, this week's episode up to 52 1/2 hours before the rest of the country gets to see it. Bear in mind, it's not as cool as watching it on TV for a lot of reasons (jerky streaming, lower quality picture and audio, and the lack of a certain indescribable energy a "live" broadcast possesses--like hearing your favorite song on the radio as opposed to on an iPod or something). I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole showing-the-episode-before-it-airs thing, but I'm just gonna roll with it as some sort of exercise in the power of the internet and viral marketing. Or something like that.

For those of you who bought the Venture Bros. Season One DVD, there is a "lost commentary" available for download at quickstopentertainment.com. We always knew there'd only be room for about four or five episode commentaries on the set, but we recorded a few extra ones as we worked out our various sound problems and tried to tried to acclimate ourselves to the idea of talking at our computer for 22 1/2 minutes. Also to give Adult Swim a variety to choose from. If you liked the commentaries on the DVDs, this is more of the same kind of fast and loose crap. If, however, like a number of people who complained that we just "wander off topic" and "never talk about the shows," you didn't enjoy the commentaries, well...never mind. You probably won't like this one either. But seriously, how much can you talk about the production of a cartoon? There are no amusing anecdotes about "that day on the set," and any time you want to say something like "this is the part where we ripped off ________," they just bleep it out for legal reasons anyway. Incidentally, quickstopentertainment, Kevin Smith's new entertainment news site, is the new home of Honorary Astrobase Cadet Ken Plume, who you may remember often cajoled us into giving him some extras and stuff for ignfilmforce in the past. Keep an eye out in this week's episode, "Hate Floats," for Ken's bedroom, which makes an appearance in the pre-credits sequence (some of the crap Ken's owned and/or sent us for free over the last year also appears, later in the episode). And then marvel at the sheer coincidence, the perfect symmetry of life, wherein we loosely base certain traits of a certain character of ours on our good friend, make that character dress like Kevin Smith used to, and then that self-same friend goes to work for Kevin Smith. Truth is stranger than fiction, and twice as beautiful. Even when it's not pretty.

Just for giggles, below are the titles of all of this season's upcoming episodes, in roughly the order they're to air. Figured I'd beat adultswim.com to the punch for once (titles and running order subject to last minute change, as is our habit):

"Powerless in the Face of Death"

"Hate Floats"

"Assassinanny 911"

"Escape to the House of Mummies"

"20 Years to Midnight"

"Victor. Echo. November."


"Fallen Arches"

"Guess Who’s Coming to State Dinner?"

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills"

"¡Viva los Muertos!"

"Showdown at Cremation Creek"


We Love You.   <i>JP.</i> We Love You. JP.

P.S. How cool is it that Adult Swim is going to start showing Pee Wee's Playhouse?!?

"Henchmen -- RETREAT!"

Thanx -- I got a big chuckle outta that!
Buzz Dixon

ratings.......... smatings

Venture Bros. has done what no other show has been able to do, make me into a fanboy. However, no one has asked about the ratings of the season 2 premiere. Do you have any preliminary data on it?

A worthy waiting period....

Mr. Publick,

Glad to hear you are catching up on life and getting some down time. It's important.

I wanted to wait a while before commenting on the pilot, as I wanted to absorb the full impact. I've watched it twice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was caught off guard by many of the turns, but never disappointed in the directions. I think this season is going to have been well worth the wait.

Adult Swim appears to now be largely run by aliens bent on destroying quality animation in favor of lies they call animation, but their continued showing of VB is testimony that even they can't ignore quality when it slaps them in the testes.

I'm all on board for the season, ready for whatever surprises you have in store for us. It's gonna be a better summer than I've had in some time, it seems.


Hey, Jackson. I just wanted you to know, I've turned three friends of mine on to Venture Bros in the past month, and two of them and I will each be buying our own copies of the DVD set. Hopefully in so doing, we'll do our little part to make a third season happen (assuming you're still enthusiastic about doing so at that point, naturally).

I have two quick questions pertaining to Season 2 so far, if you could find it within your heart and within your schedule to answer them:

1) Wil we be seeing any more of White Noise? My friends and I agree, it's a wonderful visual and character concept (so far as we've seen so far).

2) Hank has met Dr. Girlfriend in season 1, and yet, doesn't seem to know her in 'Hate Floats'. Are we supposed to infer from this that this new Hank doesn't retain the memories of the Hank from season 1, or that he's just an idiot with poor memory retension? Either seems plausible.

"Hank has met Dr. Girlfriend in season 1, and yet, doesn't seem to know her in 'Hate Floats'. Are we supposed to infer from this that this new Hank doesn't retain the memories of the Hank from season 1, or that he's just an idiot with poor memory retension? Either seems plausible."

Y'know, I don't remember any dialogue from Hank that gave the impression that he didn't know who she was. I think Dean was the only one asking questions.

I am in a log cabin for the night, so seeing "Hate Floats" on The Fix was imperative. Cabin has dial-up, though (primitive!) I watched the opening and yelled "I saw that on a big screen! I saw that on a big screen!"

--Hazel (I will not get a livejournal account again but I will meet you halfway by signing.)

P.S. audience talk:

Dad: Jackson looks good.
Me: That is because he just got back from Hawaii.
Dad: ... How do you KNOW that?!
Me: No, no! I read his blog! I read his blog!!

Another great episode.

Best parts were the Henchmen singing in the beginning and the Monarch with Hulk Hands.

What character was that that was in a frame in Agent 21's room. It looked like some cartoon character.

also was there any singifincance with the generic characters walking in the mall? They looked a little out-of-character to be in VB. Some shows do that like Invader Zim.

"also was there any singifincance with the generic characters walking in the mall? They looked a little out-of-character to be in VB. Some shows do that like Invader Zim."

Okay, this has to be someone in real life, because I think this is at least the third time I've seen him:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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My face is tired from smiling.

Awesome, awesome episode. You know I never really liked the two henchman characters before--they just seemed to me like a pair of losers who just needed to blindly follow somebody, anybody around. But now that I've seen their faces and I understand their motivations, they seem a lot more likeable to me. They have an actual dedication to the pursuit of evil and they genuinely idolize the evil lifestyle. That "suiting up" sequence really made it clear to me--they're fanboys! They wear those stupid outfits because they love those stupid outfits. It had already been made clear that they were nerds, sure, but I didn't appreciate that their jobs were a part of their nerdiness. Their undying loyalty to the Monarch now makes at least as much sense as the people who speak fluent Klingon.

On an unrelated subject, I've been wondering: will there be more women in the show? Or at lease bigger roles for the two and a half women in the show? Dr. Girlfriend was well featured last season and I love the heck out of her, but I can't really consider her a "female character." Where are all the women in your world? There seems to be one girl for every 10-15 guys. Not that this is unusual in a comedy show... Sorry if I'm sounding all feminazi.

Re: My face is tired from smiling.

Not feminazi at all...

The lack of women has always been intentional. It's because we're retro-spoofing a very male world of action/adventure shows and movies. We're in the guise of a boys' adventure show...and all boys know girls are icky and get in the way of a good adventure, with all their pretty hair and smells and all.

But the subtext is: look at what a mess these idiots are without female guidance/input. Every guy in the show is pretty much suffering from arrested development.

That said, we did hear 21's mom yelling to him. And adolescent male fantasy Molotov Cocktease returns next week, followed by a smattering of other females throughout the season.

Loved the latest episode. I also love how you made Phantom Limb such an unlikable bastard among a cast of (mostly) lovable bastards. I'm hoping ever-so-much to see The Monarch finally give PL what's coming to him!

What I love about Phantom Limb is that he is such a bastard, but also how well he got along with Brock. It was like the two of them were having a play date together. Hopefully their moms will let them play together again soon.

Jackson, you and Doc deserve every kudo you get. Just finished watching episodde 2 and laughed harder than I have in weeks. The opening was pure gold.

Side note: I vote no on Pee Wee. Because it's not at all a cartoon and I'd rather see new shows than stuff I watched when I was a kid that I might have thought was cool then but will most certainly be able to see the suckage now.

To each his or her own. But I'd take Pee Wee over anime any day of the week. And, I submit, Pee Wee is more of a cartoon than we are!

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geiko commercial

is that dr ventures voice on the geiko commercial where the geko is getting interviewed?

(Deleted comment)
Episode 2 was hilariously brilliant. I agree with Adult Swim--Best Opening Sequence Ever. Oh 21 and 24. I'm glad they've got expanded roles this season.

I'm so glad you explained how your stuff ended up at Quick Stop Entertainment, because I was really wondering what your connection to our friend Smith was, especially then after the reference to the Inactive Duo on your premiere episode. Small freaking world, indeed.

Also, Husband and I laughed out loud at tonight's ep more than any other previous that we could recall. He also loves how it's gone "serial", and each successive ep is in the storyline of the week before. (Whereas before it was more singularly episodic - each one could stand on its own.)

Cheers, kudos, et al...

I also forgot to add that I heard a really great interview with Paul Reubens on NPR on Friday that was done two years ago. He was totally willing to discuss at great length his acting roots, and how he came up with PeeWee, but completely UNWILLING to discuss his legal, uh, unpleasantness. It was weird and fascinating all at the same time to hear him talk in a normal human voice one minute, then instantly transform to do "the laugh."

We're psyched to see it again too.

Venture Bros Premiere Ratings

Adult Swim just put out the ratings for last Sunday. Sadly Venture Bros. was not in the top 3. I don't have the actual numbers on what it did get.
This is a bit disappointing, I was expecting huge numbers. I thought VB picked up a lot of steam since last season, especially with the great DVD sales numbers. I hope things pick up form here. Go Team Venture!

Re: Venture Bros Premiere Ratings

Yeah, kinda sucks. But I'm told by the Adult Swim folks that they're not disappointed as it's a much more highly competetive timeslot we find ourselves in this season (and Adult Swim even broadcasting during that hour is still a relatively new thing). We did respectably, but here's hoping for better. The online viewings of the episode were supposedly pretty phenomenal, though, so that's good. Hooray for the brave new world of technology!

(Deleted comment)

brock goes down

See, I thought that was great, because an actual gun was so out of character for the VB world that it made sense that it would take down Brock. Like he can beat the crap out of and piss on a mummy, but is totally helpless in front of a gun.


Not to brown nose, but the henchmen doing Mars was absolutely genius. It reminded me of oh so many movie trailers. Keep up the excellent work with season two!

I was about to post the same thing... I started laughing my ass off when 24 started honking.


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