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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Aloha, Season 2!
Haven't posted in a while due to the race to complete both the premiere episode and its follow up, and because I've been HERE for a week:

That's Hawaii. Which was great. Well, Maui was kind of overrated, but Kauai was astoundingly great in all its jungle action, kayak-to-a-sea-cave, King Kong could live here glory. I want to come back to this place over and over. What's great about Hawaii is they just let you do anything here. All the beaches are public, you just park your car by the side of the road and jump in the ocean. Feel like hiking around in the jungle and finding waterfalls? Go ahead. Nary a "do not enter" or "private property" sign to be found. Am tanned and rested and have been hanging out in L.A. for a couple of days before my return flight to New York in time for our gala premiere, which will be neither gala nor a premiere, since no party is planned and Adult Swim is actually "airing" the episode online tonight. Speaking of which: AN IMPASSIONED PLEA TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IMPATIENT AND HAVE FAT BANDWIDTH: should you choose to watch the premiere episode all tiny and streaming tonight, please, please DO NOT make with the spoilers between then and Sunday. We worked real hard on this one, and the first half of it is, if I do say so myself, a symphony of misdirection and merriment. So please, don't blow it for the rest of them (and me and Doc, by extension). And by all means, watch it again on the big screen, in real time, with high fidelity audio when it airs on Sunday night at 10:30 EST, thereby increasing our ratings. If you just can't help yourself and need to blog about it or hit the message boards or whatever, then have some fun with it for god's sake. Lie to the kids who haven't seen the thing yet. Make up a fake storyline, talk about the non-existent guest appearances by LLCoolJ, Pierce Brosnan and Peter from The Family Guy. Play along, it's fun. Just be careful not to make it sound better than it actually was when you lie. Mahalo, JP

wow. is that an actual view from the bar in the background?!?! stunning!

p.s. seems rather wasteful to watch the stream feed tonight, all choppy and whatnot. i'd rather wait till it airs.

No spoilers from me. I have a swing shift job.

i don't think i've ever been so excited for a season premiere. watching it on my computer would feel like cheating.

No worries.

I can't wait. I doubt you'll get anyone here who posts spoilers since we're all obviously big fans.

Re: No worries.

haha i thought you said fags and i was confused for a while.

I have to admit that I'm considering staying home tonight just to watch it all teeny tiny on the intarweb. Thanks for making me a shut in, go team venture! ;)

Woah, I was just reading the Something Awful forum thread on this. People are salivating all over themselves over there, it's great!

I'll spoil yer face!......I mean yes sir. Please give me more cartoons.

Now I'm almost wishing that I hadn't read the notice that there's a twist (or something).

Incidentally, I had lunch with an ex-coworker today who was complaining he hasn't been able to find Season One anywhere. So glad I pre-ordered.

I was able to find it at Target hidden behind a stack of dusty Alf DVDs.

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No Spoilers, gotcha, you command I obey.

I'm introducing a friend to the show tonight, maybe I can get her to watch the entire first season before sunday. :)

Dang I was hoping for an LL Cool J cameo:/

The Fix better hurry up and get it online:) Then of course I'll watch it on Sunday again, I've watched the DVDs countless times.

Kauai is awesome. It's one my favorite places in the world. The next time you're there, check out the Ono Family Restaurant Some of the best fried rice and Portugese sausage you'll ever have.

They filmed Jurassic Park in Kauai :o

Can't wait for NEW Venture Brothers!


hiya first off welcome back and glad you had a wonderful trip, second off i can't friggin wait the new season is FINALLY here:-D and Third a question i saw that you might be heading to SDCC this year was wondering if you had any more info, will you have your own booth and if so what number (want to make sure i hit it up since i missed you last year) it'd be great to meet you and maybe even bug you for an awesome drawing:-D

Ditto! Comicon appearance?

Just for the record, when CNN Headline News was running a review of Superman Returns without spoilers, I covered my eyes and ears and sang the theme song from Family Matters really loudly until it was over. Why didn't I change the channel? I might've seen something in the process.

I tell you this only to prove that I will not allow Venture Bros. to be spoiled for me before Sunday.

Screw the internet and spoilers be damned!