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Let Loose The Kraken!

The DVD's hit the stores today!

And as of this morning, we're apparently #9 on Amazon's list of top sellers. So we can officially say we "debuted at #9," which sounds pretty good. And we're climbing! You hear that, "Charmed-the complete 5th Season?!?" We're comin' for you!

So thank you all for the pre-orders, and the 5 star reviews dating back several months, and for your hard-earned cash or credit! Hope you dig the DVDs...

we love you,

...from the DVD special features film shoot:

Left to right: Ben Edlund, Jackson Publick, James Urbaniak being transformed, Doc Hammer, part of some make-up chick.

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I'm getting out of the hospital after triple bypass surgery and the Venture Bros. DVD is waiting at home for me this evening.

I've told the hospital to keep my bed warm.

I wish you a speedy recovery, man.

Hehe, you're funny dude. Now I'm in a huge dilemma. To whom do I say to wait for me? To my newest champions league tickets or to the DVD? Now this is something hard to choose from. At least the hospital is something that no one likes, while those tickets and the DVD are the best things. I will have to make some serious thinking about it.

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