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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Let Loose The Kraken!

The DVD's hit the stores today!

And as of this morning, we're apparently #9 on Amazon's list of top sellers. So we can officially say we "debuted at #9," which sounds pretty good. And we're climbing! You hear that, "Charmed-the complete 5th Season?!?" We're comin' for you!

So thank you all for the pre-orders, and the 5 star reviews dating back several months, and for your hard-earned cash or credit! Hope you dig the DVDs...

we love you,

...from the DVD special features film shoot:

Left to right: Ben Edlund, Jackson Publick, James Urbaniak being transformed, Doc Hammer, part of some make-up chick.

I'm getting out of the hospital after triple bypass surgery and the Venture Bros. DVD is waiting at home for me this evening.

I've told the hospital to keep my bed warm.

I wish you a speedy recovery, man.

The live action behind the scenes nearly made me wet myself. A tip of the cap to you fellas on a very well made dvd set. Thank You

This would explain the rain of frogs this morning.

I'm picking it up after work today, but I must give kudos now on your music selection for this entry

I got notification that the DVDs shipped from Amazon. I am totally pumped. Woo.

Season 2? Does it start in June?

I heard a while ago that season 2 starts on June 24th? Is that still true? I can't find any information anywhere. I feel like I'm suffocating.

Re: Season 2? Does it start in June?

It's the 25th

That Bill Sienkiewicz image looks so damn hot! I can't wait to get this after work today.

Hank working the two-gun mojo on the submachine guns absolutely kills me.

Mine showed up early. Friday early. Spent the weekend watching the whole thing and introducing others to this fine show.

As I was not able to watch all the episodes on T.V., I was not aware of Hank and Dean's fate in the ast episode. Came as a funny shock. Please say it ain't so!

Looking forward to Season 2!

Tonight, tonight, tonight. I was actually watching Ice Station Impossible last night when it occurred to me that soon I would be able to watch of of them whenever I want, woo!

Hey, Ben changed his hairstyle. And James did too!

Thanks for all the great stuff.

ye gods!
i didn't know you guys were HOT!!!

Congrats on the release.

I have plans to purchase it on my lunch break today! My boyfriend and I have been anticipating this day for far too long!! It's here!!!!!

Can I get a copy or do I totally have to buy one?

Do you want to beat Charmed - the complete 5th season or not?!

YAY for the dvd!

BOO for the fact that I owe my boyfriend Numb3rs and won't be able to buy this one till next paycheck!