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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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'Thought you all might appreciate a few low-res screengrabs from the rough cut of the first episode (14) we recently got back from the overseas studio. Just, you know, a relatively spoiler-free glimpse at how things are coming along, and proof that we're actually making a show over here and not just B.S.-ing you.

See? Told ya the backgrounds wouldn't look weird...

Long, long, LONG week...Doc and I finally finished the script for the Season 2 finale episode. By a twist of scheduling fate, we shipped the Season 2 premiere episode to Korea and received the first episode back from them in the same week. So it's like we're living outside of time, and the season is condensed before our eyes into one week, possibly by the gravitational pull of a blackhole.

Since the scripts are done, so is our Design department, who will be leaving us next week. Noodlesoup will be a little emptier and a lot less fun without them. It was truly a pleasure to work with every one of them (their skills and talent should be self-evident from the illustrations I've posted so far) and I hope to god I can get them all back for a season 3.

I'm doing dialogue selection for episode 22, the storyboard revision department is working on the second half of episode 21 (the first half of which I just finished the animatic for), Color is painting the backgrounds and characters for episode 20, and episode 25 is being storyboarded currently. We expect our retakes for the first episode to come back from Korea at the end of this coming week, as well as the first take of episode 15.

J.G. Thirlwell's set to drop off his first score this week, too. And that'll be the last piece of the puzzle before Doc and I start post-production...

We love you,

Venture brothers clone embryos, I hope?
Just wanted to drop some thanks for putting little morsels like this up periodically to help with the shakes during that long darkness between the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere. You're a hero and a patriot, never forget that.

Re: Go Team Stem Cell!

Clones? I think those are testicles.

Thanks for taking the trouble to keep us updated! I really appreciate it.

Looking forward to more arcane tortures!

Hey Jack..

What are your plans with the venturebros.com site? It hasn't been updated/finished since forever. I know the show itself takes priority, but it would be great to see a fully-functional VB site.

Don't want to promise anything and then not come through, but we would love to do something more with the website. Once we're finished with pre-production and we're only doing post, we'll have a little more time to screw around with stuff like that...and I suppose it wouldn't be an awful idea to get something new going on there in time for the premiere in June.

Are there any plans for Venture Brothers action figures in the works? I know it was mentioned a while back that there was some talk.

Hulk would like action figures. BAD.

Oh, such a single happy tear that wells up at the thought of oogling over little vacuum-packed plastic people.

Off topic but I have to share...

Thanks for all of the great references in season one! Every time I listen to Space Odyssey I can't not laugh.

-Tell my wife I love her.

My favorite episode without doubt. Pirates make everything better.

I know that you get this a lot, but it's really great of you to post these production updates. I'm especially thrilled to see the screen shots! I'm really looking forward to season 2 and can't wait for season 1 on dvd. speaking of season 1, any idea if adult swim will be putting it back into the line up anytime soon, maybe as the dvd and season 2 get closer? and if they are, can you tell them to not play "ice station impossible" so much. great episode, but it seems like that was the only one i ever saw. tell them to play "tag sale you're it" all the time, i nearly shit myself everytime i watch the henchman bust out his jedi elegance. also, my away message for months has been that quote of the monarch yelling at them about their anne frank/lizzy borden fantasy fist fight!

Who would win in an imaginary fist fight between Anne Frank and Lizzy Borden?

That is so the table I sit at in the student lounge.

Supposed to be an alternate depiction of TV's "Daria"?

Wow! Underbite looks more different then in Season 1. Very nice I can't want to see the new season but I got to wait longer (like close to a year) because I live in Canada and we get the shows (some of them) that were on adult swim when they are done with them. :(

We love you more.
PS- Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Looking BEAUTIFUL. And Jawesome too.


I'm loving it! And we VB fans really appreciate everything you do to keep us updated. It makes the wait so much much more bearable. And we're doing our part, spreading the word and encouraging new viewers.