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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Sorry for the delay in posting, but the holidays and the New York City transit strike and all really screwed things up in Ventureland and the last few weeks have been a manic dash to get things back to normal--which is to say "behind schedule." Hopefully, the wait will be worth it, as I've got lots of news and art to share...

The holidays were incredibly unproductive, as holidays should be. My body totally gave out on me and I pretty much slept for like four days. When I wasn't sleeping, I groggily wandered about my house in a daze, pointlessly trying to poke at my laptop every once in a while in an attempt to write the next script. Mostly I gave up and watched a bunch of dvds my good friend Ken Plume was kind enough to send me (a bunch of British TV documentaries--one on Live Aid, one on Band Aid, and one, oddly enough, about the Pogues' "Fairytale of New York" which gets my money for best Christmas song of the last twenty years). Ken would also like me to point out that it was the fire HE put under our asses that made Doc and I do the Monarch/henchmen Christmas song this year, just as it was the fire he put under our asses that made us do last year's song. In fact, it was his suggestion that we do a number from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. So thanks, Ken. Happy now?

Christmas itself was fun--I got a puppy which is even now chewing my feet. Also, I'm pretty sure I accidentally whacked Dakota Fanning in the head with a Paul Smith shopping bag on 6th Avenue while hurriedly buying gifts for friends and family on Christmas Eve. Which, in many cultures, is a sign of good luck for the coming year.


Doc and I are desperately trying to write the season finale, already two weeks late, as the character/prop/bg designers desperately try to design the elements for it based on our loose notes and a handful of sketches. Such is the nature of low budget, tightly-scheduled cartoons--cramming it all in, as fast as we can, while we still have the staff to do so. The color department has just finished their work for the fifth episode of the season. The storyboard revision department has begun revising the eighth. I've just finished the directing the animatic for the seventh--our season premiere. And this week we recorded the tenth episode...

...But the biggest news is that we received the first take of the animation for the first episode from Korea today! It looks great--the overseas studio picked up right where they left off with the last few episodes of the first season and the Christmas special. The new background and character styles blend nicely and won't be the least bit jarring or incongruous to the long-time viewer. So we're on our way--if all goes according to schedule we'll be getting a show back every two weeks from here on in.

...We even got wind of our tentative premiere date today: June 11, 2006, in the coveted 11:30pm Sunday night slot. This is only terrifying because the aforementioned premiere episode, produced seventh, is scheduled to be delivered to the network a mere week before that...so good God, I hope nothing goes wrong with that one. The first season DVD, consequently, is supposed to be released some time in May. And I guess I can tell you who's doing some of the packaging art now...it's Bill Sienkiewicz. And if you're a closet geek fanboy product of the comics of the 80's and 90's like me...well, you can imagine how much that excites me.

Oh, and as has become my habit of late, here are some more sneak peeks at some of the artwork from the upcoming season. I've focussed mainly on the backgrounds, which I think have been stunning and have a certain crowd-pleasing grandeur to them, but I've been remiss in praising the work of our character/prop design department. Under Mike Foran's supervision, Chris George, Martin Wittig and Matt Jenkins have been turning out really great stuff...and here is just a taste...

And of course, a few more backgrounds:

The Venture Compound, as seen from above and very far away...

The office of Professor Impossible, 1 Impossible Plaza, New York, NY...

And the interior of a cramped and vaguely familiar bathysphere...

We Love You,

P.S. I just had to share this...it's pretty much the most beautiful, well done thing I've seen all year and there wasn't anyplace else to mention it. Takes a while to load, but nothing could be more worth the wait than Muppets - "Overtime". http://www.mostlymuppet.com/muppets-overtime/

Excellent stuff as usual. Professor Impossible's office has managed to unseat Roxy Epoxy as my background of choice.

Break some legs on production.

(As an aside: I know this isn't the most appropriate place to ask, but who might I contact about applying for a summer internship, assuming such a position exists and is available.)

Don't know if such a position exists, either, but if it does you should go to www.noodlesoup.net and check out the "contacts" page for more info.

Wow, Bill Sienkiewicz!! I'm really jazzed to see this now. Bill is a comics master.

so moving!!

and all those new characters look spectacular!! OH THE INTRIGUE!

I just had to tell you how much I love the Happy Boy Margarine packaging. You just cracked me up. What's funny is, out of context and at that size and squared off, it almost looks like it could be an old Blue Note album cover or something

Is it just my mind finally snapping like a dry and brittle twig, or does Office Impossible seem inspired by an upscale and classy men's room?

It makes sense...Professor Impossible is, after all, upscale, classy and anal.

(Deleted comment)
...Edgar Allen Poe and... C. Everett Coop? This new season is going to be very interesting indeed.

Thankyou Thankyou for that link!
Overtime ... I don't have any words for it.
Since my job entails sitting here with a laptop and a highspeed connection I think I am going to find atleast a few nights entertainment there.

As fair trade I'll offer up a link to The Ministry of Unknown Science incase you ever discover idle time.

Ha. My eyes went right to Poe, too.

Greetings from, The Peoples Republic of Venture!!!

My goodness you never fail to impress! I can't imagine a world without your updates!

VB getting an 11:30pm Sunday spot is so deserved, Kudos to you, Doc and Crew for the excellent work and show you've all given the fans.

These backgrounds and character pics (from all the entries) are incredibly impressive. Looks like we have a young Brock and Molotov and is that Edgar Allan Poe I see?

Question: Are there any cameos/guests for the new season? Meaning along the lines of Race Bannon and Steve Summers...

Re: Greetings from, The Peoples Republic of Venture!!!

Thanks for the kudos and stuff. In answer to your question, there are some sorta cameo type things, yeah. A couple of small ones.

Bill Sienkiewicz -- that'sfantastic. I used to love Doctor Zero, from Marvel's old Epic line. And Sienkiewicz' covers for the New Mutants still rank as some of the best. (And in some cases, they were the best thing about the title, period...)

Looking forward to the finished product.

I'm having a new Mutants flashback... cooooooool :)

The guy in the cast picture at the top looks like Brok Sampson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. !! Awesome! I love all the cool comics references in VB! The boys' Aquaman and Spidey pjs, their Fred from Scooby Doo and Peter Parker daytime outfits... Dr. O reminding me of a certain Sorcerer Supreme (maybe with a touch of pre-insane then dead Dr. Druid)...! The David Bowie stuff in a couple of episodes... can't wait until season 2.

Thanks for sharing that back story about the creation of the series previously. I'm developing an animated series companion show for the live-action indie feature film that I am doing this year... it too, will have movies, music and comics referenced...

Re: I'm having a new Mutants flashback... cooooooool :)

oops, BroCk Sampson... me miss-spel no so goot

Thanks for the nifty update!

I look forward to the new season and the DVD.

Congrats on the new puppy, please don't skin him for cosmetological purposes.

We here at Cat Torpedo Comics are huge fans of VB and hope to someday be counted as peers of Mr. JP and Doc.

Keep cranking out the geeky greatness!

(Deleted comment)
Is there any way to watch this Muppets thing on WMP?

Any way, I like the idea of VB on Sunday nights at 11:30. Hopefully, Boondocks will be on before that, and that could be the best hour of comedy on TV today.

Thank you Ken Plume

Make sure you let him know How much we loved the Christmas song. :)

I know you posted earlier about how putting songs on DVDs would be boring and bad use of the DVD. But if you are ever so inclined, you could include a still gallery that changes to the music. Like a loud screen saver. Just a thought.

Bill Sienkiewicz eh? Talk about name recognition. I still have my issues of New Mutants. And I imagine he's going to have free reign with what he does with the artwork. This should be interesting.

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My husband was playing the Christmas song for friends earlier tonight. It goes amazingly well with Johnny Walker Blue XD

Thanks for the news, art, cool exhibit info and soon to be watched Muppets video! That reminds me, I bought the Muppets 'The Christmas Toy' VHS off of Amazon just to watch on Christmas, and I totally forgot! Ah well ^^

The artwork is stunning. I don't think I have ever anticipated a second season of a show quite as much as I am VB.

Congratulations on the new puppy, and enjoy! What breed or type of mix? What did you name him or her?

Props to whomever does your costume research! As a student of Egyptology, I'm very impressed by your 'Ancient Egyptian Priest/God' Character with the Ibis head. (The other, presumably 'pharaoh' character to the far right is less accurate, but I will never say a bad word about anything your group has ever done because I know it will make me laugh my ass off!) You're totally rocking my word 9 to 5 in anticipation for that episode!
Thanks for the great work.

(Deleted comment)