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Exquisite Corpses
Terrence Fleming, voice of Colonel Bud Manstrong and co-lyricist for the popular "Revv Me Up" rock anthem, emailed me this nifty world news item last week. That, combined with the recent story about the cruise ship that was not only attacked by PIRATES off the coast of Africa but defended itself with SONIC WEAPONS has me all excited about the news again (not since the Daily News headlines "UNDERSEA ROBOTS LOCATE BLACK BOX" and "NAZI GOLD!" about five years ago have I been this excited about the news). It's a Venture, Venture world out there...


Our good pal/honorary Astrobase member (rank: Cadet, 2nd class) Ben "The Tick" Edlund turned in the first ever non-Publick/Hammer Venture Bros. script this week and it's great. Dark, funny and weird, it features guest appearances (both real and imagined) by Orpheus, The Monarch, some new characters we created for this season, and a warped send up of a classic group. He even managed to squeeze in a small glimpse of some of our protagonists' previously untold backstories. Should be a good one that fits right into our little (but steadily growing) world.

Doc and I are fast approaching the end of our writing phase. We've begun the penultimate episode of the season and are discussing the finale, both of which promise to be epic. By Christmas (or a little after, knowing how crappy we are with deadlines) all the scripts will be done, which will be a bit of a relief and, I suppose, slightly sad--since I find writing to be the most fun part of this work. Making stuff up is always more fun than making stuff move or talk...for me anyway. With any luck, news of a pickup will come quicker than it did last season, so maybe we'll start writing again sooner than fifteen months from now. Not too soon, though, as we will sorely need the break. Post production will begin in a little over a month, when our first episode comes back from Korea, and that process will overlap the last rounds of pre-production for roughly one month.

We just finished editing the animatic for the fifth episode of the season, which was a real bitch because I had to cut roughly three minutes out of it (an unsettling trend that continues with the next few episodes, so wordy and jam-packed with comedy goodness have we gotten with our scripts) and it was a very complicated story. At one point there is heavy action going on involving no less than nine characters, with quick cuts to what four other characters are doing in their side stories. I just hope the thing makes sense in the end and doesn't move too quickly or confusingly.

The character/prop/background designers are already working on Ben's new script's designs, the storyboard artists are working on the previous episode, and the color department is beginning their work on the fourth episode of the season.

Last week we recorded the ninth episode and some pickups for the eighth and fourth. Returning to the flock were actors Nina Hellman and Charles Purnell, who did a few voices last season, though they're not reprising the characters they voiced last time (well, Nina's reprising one of them, but just for like one line of dialogue). Talented and highly attractive people both, it was good to work with them again.

VENTURE BROS. DVD NEWS: I was surprised and pleased as punch to learn this week that Cartoon Network has commissioned one of my all time favorite comic book artists to paint what will become the interior gatefold art for the DVD packaging and its promotional poster. Don't want to give away who it is yet exactly, as I don't want to jinx it, but suffice to say he's amazing at what he does and I am unspeakably excited and honored to have him giving my characters his treatment. It promises to be something special.

VENTURE BROS. MERCHANDISE NEWS: I noticed that Hot Topic is now featuring the Venture Bros. skull logo t-shirt on their website, and presumably in their stores in real life, too. It's the same as the Adult Swim version, only larger. I was told they'd be featuring as many as four different VB t-shirt designs in the future, but am unsure of the status of that.

I leave you with, again, some more glimpses of the wonderful color art that is now being worked on for the coming season. If you haven't guessed, I'm very excited and impressed by the work these kids are doing and am happy to be able to share these previews of coming attractions with you. Such as:

The never-before-seen pool/patio off the Venture living room...

Beneath the living room, and with windows looking into the pool that would be the envy of any Cocoa Beach resort bar circa 1962, is Jonas Venture Sr.'s former study, which is now occasionally used as a guest bedroom.

And finally, a quick look at a pantheon of some of the characters from the first few episodes we're producing...read nothing into them as some are from fantasy sequences and some only appear for a few seconds (though didn't the characters who were only in Star Wars for a few seconds always make the best action figures?)

Whelp, that's about it for now. Thanks again for reading...and commenting overwhelmingly in the positive on these journals.

We love you,

P.S. If I may double-geek-out for a moment, not only did I NOT win the New York Lottery "King Kong's Millions" grand prize (or any of the second prizes) but I just learned that in the most recent Spiderman comic, Spidey got his eye plucked out (and eaten) by some crappy villain. What kind of world are we living in?! Apparently he then kills the guy and eats his head. No joke. Look it up on the internet.

Might the lovely lady in pink be Triana, or a young Dr. Girlfriend? I am supremely excited for the new season either way.

Offhandedly, I'd guess Triana. I'd also presume the guy way way over on the right has to do with Ünterland (due to the two-snakes and all looking a heck of a lot like the Ünterland 'Ü'-shape, as featured by the short fellow on the left).

And I -really- like Jonas Venture Sr. having hide-a-bed sofas. One of those nice "seemed so futuristic at the time" retro touches.

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I think that spidey thing, is from this weird new marvel zombie crossover thing their doing.

It's not. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #3. In continuity and everything. It's truly awful.

Fantastic character designs! PS, the background designs make awesome desktop wallpapers. Excellent news all around, this whole entry brightened by morning right up!

Oh good god those backgrounds continue to be gorgeous! Holy hell.

One: Spidey Spoilers! Well, I guess it doesn't matter as it probably took place in another universe (or was it in Hypertime, I can never remember who is which). At least find a picture of it.

Two: re: comic artist... It's Liefield, isn't it?

Three: I can totally see Brock's junk.

Picture? You need picture? I have picture.

Spidey gets his eye ripped out and eaten by Morlun.

You're welcome.

Totally beaten on the Brock-nads Comment

I'm really diggin' the Scenery Pics, I'd like to go all Gumby and step into them, hang around for awhile and then tip the wait staff on the way out. I'm glad to see everything is moving right along and I can't wait to watch Ben's story, I miss his work sorely.

PS - This is a 4 page preview of what I think you are geekin' about (heh Spidey ate the guy's head, like a Geek). This is a spinoff of a story arc from Ultimate Fantastic Four that was pretty cool.

This has been THE Year for Zombies.

Re: Well Dang I Missed the Mark...

...so it WAS Morlun who ate Spiderman's Eye, but the Marvel Zombie miniseries still looks great.

Am I the only one who noticed A LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH of Brock showing?

definitely not for the kiddies ;)

NOPE...that was the first thing i noticed! *snickers*

Bloody naked Brock ftw.

Ye god, I can hardly wait for Season 2. And cyberpunk Trianna is just adorable. Can't say the same for bloody naked shaved (?) Brock. Or the Phantom Limb. Or 1980s Billy.

The backgrounds look wonderful. For some reason, the former study looks very much like the interiors to vintage (early 1960s) Barbie doll houses which is actually cooler than it sounds.

Is there a release date for the dvds yet? I want! I want!

lol, I totally dig the cyber-goth chick!

And I didn't win anything in stupid King Kong millions either... there goes my dream of buying Brooklyn... ::grumble::

I definitely see Brock's scrotum.

And Trianna looks like she's going clubbing.

ventures marathon on CN uncut and unedited! make it so number 1! even better make it a friday late night ;)

spidey steal from kill bill? looking for who wrote the comic you were talking about i came across this.

Jesus, those backgrounds are fucking georgeous.

As for the lottery, I've found that every time I don't play, I win a dollar.

Nice Brock-nuts. Hey, if you guys can get that on TV, you'll be my new Choice Dieties of Worship.

Ben Edlund is funny as hell, that should be an interesting episopde.

you're the only other person I've seen on lj with a King Diamond icon. Rock out


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