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Comicon and on
Today was Day 1 of production for the second season of The Venture Bros. It's been long in coming, but we're on our way. The design teams got their first script, made their first sketches, and everyone seems really up. Despite our lack of Wacom monitors (the distributors are a month behind in shipping them) and a suitable place to eat lunch (the "lunch room" has been co-opted as office space). Also turned the third script in today. A little yarn featuring the return of Molotov Cocktease and a little peek into Brock's former life. Doc and I have both been firing on all cylinders creatively--we've both been writing two scripts at a time--which has made writing a blast. Somehow there's less pressure this time around and we're actually a little bit ahead of ourselves, which is nice because when you're not banging your head against the wall wondering what the hell you're going to write about with a deadline looming, you get to finesse your scripts a little more; to go back and tweak things just the way you like 'em. It also helps production to know what's coming for them in a few weeks, the better to delegate their work--like when an episode that takes place in twenty different locations follows a show where the Ventures sit around the compound for 22 minutes, they can spread their work out a bit. We've also been doing some preliminary "re-designing" over the past few weeks--honing the character designs to be a bit more iconic and animation-friendly, improving the style of the backgrounds and giving more thought to where our beloved characters live and work, etc. It's been a lot of fun going back to all my original inspirations and re-researching architecture, art, movies, etc. the better to improve the overall look of our little television program. I really can't wait to get these shows made and on the air. We have an extremely talented, dedicated team of very fun people at every level of this production, and they're all working hard already to make it as good as possible. Next week we have our first recording session, so I'm looking forward to seeing James Urbaniak, Mike Sinterniklaas, T. Ryder Smith and Mia Barron again, as well as wasting hours of hard drive space when Doc starts riffing with the mic on.

Next week I'm also off to the San Diego Comicon. Doc, unfortunately, will not be joining me on this trip west after all. But I did find out today that I'm officially supposed to be on my ass behind the Adult Swim booth on Saturday, July 16th, from 11:30-1:00pm. So come say hi and stuff.

I'll leave you now with a peek at Brock Samson's head, as he will appear this season. He's essentially the same, but constructed and stylized a little better than last season...


Brock head rotation by Phil Rynda/Jackson Publick

Brock head rotation by Phil Rynda/Jackson Publick

i am so giddy for the second season!
keep up the great work! :D

Keep up the good work, man. VB is one of the best shows out there. And tell Doc he has one of the coolest names evah


Now, who will be the first to make a good animated .gif of that?

Ok, so it's not that good.

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Hey Jackson, it's Jake (from Comic-Con last year..you drew a sketch for me after meeting Mark Hamill, hehe).
I just wanted to let you know I have at Anime-Expo this past weekend and Michael Sinterniklaas was a guest at the Voice Actors panel (note: this was for his work in Anime). I was in the audience and screamed "GO TEAM VENTURE!". Anyways, I don't know if Michael told you this himself yet, but when he mentioned he is the voice for Dean Venture, the crowd went WILD! Seriously, it was the biggest applause out of the whole panel.
Hehe, well, I just thought I'd boost your ego a bit. See you at Comic-Con, buddy!


Hey, Jake! Wow, you actually LOOK older than you did last year. In a good way, I mean. No, Mike hasn't mentioned that Anime-Expo incident to me yet, but I haven't seen him in a few weeks. I'm sure he'll bring it up at the recording session next week, for which he is the sound engineer (a man of many talents, and, as usual for Venture Bros., a man with more than one job title)

'You know who that is?'


'Brock fuckin' Samson'

Haha, do any of these people know you? ;)

How do you keep it going? I am working on a comic book called "Action Squad, GO!" And i have been working on it for quite some time. All myself, Sketch, ink, color, everything and its rough. I really love Venture Bros btw, it reminds me alot of Action Squad.

But lately i have been wanting to sit down and draw but shit keeps coming up. You ever have that problem? Is it best to take a break, work on sketches and let the creativity flow or sit down, manhandle your pencil and go?

Just asking because you have gone pro. I havent and i imagine it takes some skill to keep up with the professional world.

I've had success with both the manhandling of the pencil technique and the get up and take a break technique, honestly. Why? Sometimes you need to focus and push through whatever's blocking you, and other times you need to leave it alone and get some perspective. Often you'll find you're killing yourself on a drawing that doesn't seem to be coming out right, you walk away, and the next morning you look at it and think "that's not so bad...why was I beating myself up about it?" Other times the opposite happens--you get too into something and you lose perspective--literally and figuratively--and a good hard look at it in the morning opens your eyes to the bigger picture. Count your blessings that you're doing everything yourself on this project--it often helps, when one area isn't working out, to jump to another discipline. Write if you're having trouble drawing; draw if you're having trouble writing; ink or color if you're having trouble with both, etc. That's what usually keeps me from going crazy on Venture Bros. Doodling helps me loosen up and empty my head, which makes enough room for a new idea or two to pop in there. If all else fails, though, knuckle down and keep at whatever you're doing--even if you mess up, forward momentum is always useful. It's easier to steer a car that's moving in the wrong direction than one that isn't moving at all.

Thank Christ you preserved the mullet.


Yaaay! <--- excitement from your non-target demographic, I'm sure.

I'm pleased to see Ape Drape is back.

can't wait 'til the next season. any new major characters (possibly more old college peers)?

taking a trip to san diego and wanted to make a stop at comic-con. didn't know which day to go on... 'til now. any special giveaways to people sporting 'astro-base go' tees?

Yes your special gift is you get to meet Jackson fucking Publick

I can't wait for the next season, so i'll be watching reruns.

I love the new enhanced Brock design, his nose looks so sharp he could use it as a backup weapon, kind of like when he was fighting that naked helmeted monster on that space ship, but was using his thing as a penetrating device. Awesome :D

Sweet :D I can't wait for the next season! Oh and I have a question...is the new season gonna start before the 1st one gets to dvd, or are you not sure on that one? Just wondering...^-^;

That is the best news all week!

I've been showing the first season to EVERYONE I know for the past few months and everyones been really hyped about how awesome the show is.

That production's started..... wow... kick ass!

GO TEAM VENTURE!!! i'll bee there, i shall give you a copy of my comic when i see you there!

I'm glad to hear production and writing is going swimmingly. The Brock design looks great!

It sure is swell to hear what you boys have been up to. =) Have fun in San Diego!

Hot damn, more Moltov and more Queen Etherea in the same season?
My heart is all fluttery. I am going away, I don't think there's any way my day could possibly get better.

Sexy russians and former stories of men with licenses to kill can NEVER be bad... can't wait to see the rest of the redesigns...

oh and there's my version of the icon... I guess I'll recomment it under that request.

(Deleted comment)

Custom VB figures

Hey Mr. P, just wanted to see if you saw those nifty little VB figures in ToyFare magazine a little while back? *wink wink*

FYI the pictures are out of scale, not the figures.


I did see those, yes. Someone at Pixar brought it to my attention, in fact, when I visited a few weeks ago. Very flattering that you'd put so much work into them, and supercool that you floated the issue of action figures in the public consciousness on our behalf. Glad you cleared up the scale issue...I didn't want to say anything


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