Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse


Thank you sir, for providing us with a reason to watch Cartoon Network (well, besides Clone Wars, but it will be long finished by 2006).

that sir, is the best news I've heard all month. I'm glad the AS people came to their senses, though I wish it had been much sooner.

Now, on a completely different note, I would like to mention the distinct lack of giant squid, octopuses, or really any cephalopod related material, characters, or situations in the Venture Brothers series to date. To me, nothing says superscience like a giant glowing squid wrapping its tentacles around.. you know.. things.

Think about it.

And congratulations!

That is some great news. Glad Adult Swim didn't drop the ball on this one. Looking forward to finding out what happened to the Venture Brothers in about a years time!

this is great news. congratulations! just knowing that the wait will be rewarded makes it all worthwhile. go team venture!

that just made my week!

congrats jackson and doc! we all cannot wait for season 2!


So another season of Venture Bros, and my Astrobase GO! shirt is a collector's item? How much better can my day get?!

Wow, this is the smartest thing [as] has done since... well, ever (not counting premiering venture bros). Good job guys.

All good for season 2!! You've got my vote for president.

Yay! And more Dr. Girlfriend, please!

I LOVE YOU SO! I'm so happy, now that the cruel knot of unknowing and worry in my tummy is officially gone and I feel so much better knowing there's more to come!
And congratz on selling all those Astro Base shirts...I feel super cool wearing mine now, especially knowing that hey, I'm wearing an awesome shirt that they don't make anymore! On a side note, you should totally make some Scrotal Saftey Commission shirts!!
Season 2...and season 1 dvds...so far away it seems, but I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.
I love you and Doc and Mike so much....thank you so much for this awesome show...and please keep it coming! <3

Scrotal Saftey Commission shirts!!

That would be the bomb, I could just see the people at works expression to that he he, and I could reply "What? It's educational" *evil grin*

Did you ever know that you're my hero? Never doubted renewal for a minute. Congrats!!

YES!!! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Team Venture!


here's to the astrowagon

Jackson Publick? Hanging out with Scotty the Blue Bunny? And he's doing more.. astro.. stuff?
Colour me pleased.

Congrats! This is great news. I can't wait for season two! =D

As the Terran marines in Starcraft are often given to say, "Outstanding!"

Hurray! Best news all week.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anyway, can't wait until those new episodes!

Mr. Otaku Senzuri sends his warmest regards...

Tonight, David Bowie and I shall drink a toast of warm panda milk in your honor. Congrats!

Oh, and by the way--Bowie tells me he liked your show from the very first time he saw the pilot. But then he always was a trendsetter.


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