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A Note To Our SHIRT CLUB Customers...
Hello, cherished members of The Venture Bros. Shirt-of-the-Week-Club…

Some of you are wondering: "Where are my shirts?"
The short answer is: "Your shirts will start shipping super-soon."

As you know, Shirt Club shirts are printed to order--meaning we don't make a bunch of them ahead of time, and we don't make more than are ordered. This is why they are so jazzily "limited edition" and coveted by all. It also means we don't place our order for shirts with our shirt providers until the ordering period for that shirt is closed. For example, the subscriptions and individual ordering period for Week 1's HankCo and Palaemon shirts ended on June 9th. We tallied, organized, and triple-checked all those orders, then placed our order with our shirt printer on the 11th.

HERE'S THE THING: It is a shitload of shirts. The response to this season's Shirt Club was so overwhelming that it was, well… frankly overwhelming. American Apparel needed a few extra days to come up with all the blank shirts we needed. And our silk screen printers needed a few extra days to print them. In fact, they've been busy at it for a few days now. Compounding the issue was our decision to release TWO different shirt designs in our inaugural week.

But we're all on top of it now and everything's on track. The HankCo and Palaemon shirts will be delivered to our Titmouse satellite facility this week, and an eager staff of Honorary Astrobase Cadets and Soulbots will immediately begin packing them in ludicrously well-designed custom envelopes, carefully inserting lovingly printed Hankbucks, and sending them on their way. Once they start, shipments will go out at the end of each and every day, insuring we're getting them to you literally as fast as we possibly can (This is seriously a lot of shirts!).

The order for Week 2's "U.R.G.H!" shirts has already been placed, and now that everyone knows what to expect and our systems are all in place, things should move a lot smoother for future shipments.

You will all be happy soon. We promise. Like The Venture Bros. itself, VB Shirt Club is worth the wait and eager to please! Ask anyone who was a member last time!

We Love You,

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I purchased the shirt subscription as a birthday gift for my husband. I was so happy to get a slip saying I had a package waiting at the post office, knowing it was the first shipment... Only to find out that Titmouse put the value as $165 for ONE SHIRT so Customs was charging me $35.95 for the package! (If the value had been entered as $16.50, I wouldn't have had to pay any Customs fees.)

I seriously can't afford to pay an extra $35.95 for each delivery. Just wanted to let you know how your Canadian subscribers are getting screwed.

But, you know, the shirts are great! Love you guys and love the show; I emailed Titmouse and hope they have a solution for me!

That does indeed suck, and I'm sorry to hear it. Our shipping folks are working on it now to keep that from happening again. International shipping is a sticky wicket that's managed to give us a big hassle on this end, too.

(so glad you like the shirts, though)

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