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A Note To Our SHIRT CLUB Customers...
Hello, cherished members of The Venture Bros. Shirt-of-the-Week-Club…

Some of you are wondering: "Where are my shirts?"
The short answer is: "Your shirts will start shipping super-soon."

As you know, Shirt Club shirts are printed to order--meaning we don't make a bunch of them ahead of time, and we don't make more than are ordered. This is why they are so jazzily "limited edition" and coveted by all. It also means we don't place our order for shirts with our shirt providers until the ordering period for that shirt is closed. For example, the subscriptions and individual ordering period for Week 1's HankCo and Palaemon shirts ended on June 9th. We tallied, organized, and triple-checked all those orders, then placed our order with our shirt printer on the 11th.

HERE'S THE THING: It is a shitload of shirts. The response to this season's Shirt Club was so overwhelming that it was, well… frankly overwhelming. American Apparel needed a few extra days to come up with all the blank shirts we needed. And our silk screen printers needed a few extra days to print them. In fact, they've been busy at it for a few days now. Compounding the issue was our decision to release TWO different shirt designs in our inaugural week.

But we're all on top of it now and everything's on track. The HankCo and Palaemon shirts will be delivered to our Titmouse satellite facility this week, and an eager staff of Honorary Astrobase Cadets and Soulbots will immediately begin packing them in ludicrously well-designed custom envelopes, carefully inserting lovingly printed Hankbucks, and sending them on their way. Once they start, shipments will go out at the end of each and every day, insuring we're getting them to you literally as fast as we possibly can (This is seriously a lot of shirts!).

The order for Week 2's "U.R.G.H!" shirts has already been placed, and now that everyone knows what to expect and our systems are all in place, things should move a lot smoother for future shipments.

You will all be happy soon. We promise. Like The Venture Bros. itself, VB Shirt Club is worth the wait and eager to please! Ask anyone who was a member last time!

We Love You,

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The overwhelming response is a good thing, isn't it? Plenty of people have been jonesing for shirt club since the last time y'all did it. :D

(Also wait... who is that modeling this week's shirt?)

Thank's for the update Jackson, it's great to hear the response to shirt-club has been so positive. My collection from season 3 still get lots of positive comment's and serve as a great conversation starter for the uninitiated (especially the Dr.Girlfriend shirt).

And yes thelastsong, that is Macaulay Culkin modeling this weeks Destiny shirt.

Thanks for the confirmation, 'cause that is what I suspected...


That's who I thought it was as well.

And now that's the only thing showing on LJ iPad app. Awesome.

Does proudly wearing the Hank Co. shirt make me an actual employee of Hank Co.?

If it doesn't I'm throwing my paper hat on the ground and collecting my "potential" severance pay in Hankbucks.

But more importantly I love all the shirt designs!!! Awesome job!

Thanks for your glorious fan service!

I hope I look as sexy as that Hank Co. model in my shirt.

Is there anything we can do to enable you to make more Venture Brothers episodes? Write Cartoon Network? Buy more stuff? Petition Congress? The show is just so damned fantastic, it makes life better, and I want more. Thanks for all you do!

Ask Dr. Venture to clone Doc and JP. XD

Seriously, I think they work as much as humanly possible to get us the number of episodes that we already get. And we love them for it. :D

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Shirts, Shows, and Dragon*Con

I'm sure the shirts will be well worth the extra wait. The shows so far have been packed with extra Venturey Goodness! One question though, Was SPHINX Commander's voice hard on your throat? I would have been coughing and crying like a little girl! Is that why you killed him off right away? Now on to D*C. I totally understand, you need the time off. Who wouldn't? Season 5's quality is proof of the yeoman's work you guys put into The Venture Bros. The rumor that you guys wouldn't be making the scene has been on the Venture Bros. grapevine, (rumor-mill), for at least a month, maybe longer. But it is every year, last year we had the whole petition debacle. The fans will totally understand that you guys, need some time to re-charge the old creative batteries. Thanks though for letting us know so early, because now we have time to adjust our schedules accordingly. Keep up the Fantastic work!

Re: Shirts, Shows, and Dragon*Con

Thanks for the kind words...

The voice was a little hard on me, sure--it took a lot of energy to do, but didn't shred my voice as much as it might sound like it did. It was harder on the mics, which took the brunt of an intentionally very spitty performance. But no, we didn't kill him for any of those reasons. He was dead on the page, before we even knew who'd play him. And, contrary to anecdotal reports, we'd never kill a character just because his voice was hard to do. We still talk to each other in 24's voice constantly.

Re: Shirts, Shows, and Dragon*Con

I hadn't heard those reports, I just tried to do the voice, and I was coughing, and my eyes were watering. Like when I try to go for the deep scratchy part on Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! 24's voice is one I do every time Simon needs it for his Stop Mo, I did it for 400 Quatloos, (The one where the two H.E.L.P.eR.s battle to the death), Also we made our own Hobbit Movie and The BBP 24 figure was Gandalf, with my interpretation of 24's voice. We are also planning on doing two of The Venture Christmas songs in stop-mo again this year. I can hear 24 saying Titty Bar in my head to this day, that and you saying Genitalia on the Season one Live Action DVD extra! Thanks for getting back to me.

Am I the only one who finds Billy with a five a clock shadow Hilarious or am I alone on that one?

Oh glorious day! I checked the mail and what should I find, but my first two shirt club tees, with nifty Venture packaging and aforementioned Hankbucks. Thanks for all the hard work Jackson! This season has been great and now I can wear a piece of it on my chest.

P.S. Am I wrong to hope that all my Hankbucks may one day be spent on some cool mail-away exclusive? I seem to recall you and Doc riffing on the uselessness of modern "proof of purchase" tabs at one point on a commentary track, longing for the days when you could get a super rare Boba Fett or Clark Kent figure.

Edited at 2013-06-28 05:42 am (UTC)

I've been surprised at how excited I am about my U.R.G.H. t-shirt. I actually walk around at work thinking "I wonder if it has arrived?"

Jackson. Just finished watching this weeks episode. That was without a doubt the best half hour in the history of television. There are no words. About to rewatch it on the DVR. Just had to stop by and thank you and Doc for the amazingness. "Brock, she took my destiny" I just... There aren't words.

Unbelievable. I had two spit takes: Klue Klown and Tank Top. I want a Klue Klown t-shirt! One of my favorite episodes for so, so many reasons.

Bum Rush was my absolute favorite...

Almost had a two new favorite characters after this last one - Mr. Maybe and the skull-headed guy who runs out of the asylum (twice?). And then in the preview for next week's episode? Omega Ape!

As good as this season as been (and it has been incredible), it's the peripheral characters that are absolutely killing it for me.

Omega Ape is also one of my fave background characters along with Rick Danger who is in that preview too, would love for a RD backstory one day! Got my first batch of Shirt Club tee's and love them, thanks for taking the time to have it again.

Shirt Club and O.S.I. Love You

I don't know what made me happier today—getting my Hank Co shirt or that last episode of VB. That was a seriously tight piece of writing.

Season 3 T-shirt Club Member Super Trade Scenario!

I own a full set of 2XL Season 3 Shirts, cherished and lovingly preserved. Happily I have lost quite a few pounds and the shirts are now too big for me. My Season 5 shirts are XL and fit well.
I'm wondering... are there any other Season 3 T-Shirt Club members that have outgrown their XL set that would be interested in doing a straight swap for my 2XLs?
email me if interested: sal_manila at hotmail dot com


Final Shirt Club Shirt Model

Will there be a contest? Or just one fan selected at random?

I got mine and they are awesome!!! They were very much worth the wait, as is this season! I was worried I was making too big a deal out of it and I would be disappointed, but I am happy to be wrong! Thanks for making my favorite show more and more epic!



I received my first shipment of T-Shirts today - they are more awesome than I had hoped for. I was curious if the "now in glorious extra color" shipped with the episode 1-2 shirts, or will be printed and shipped later?

As per "The Fine Print" on the ordering site, the subscriber-only "Glorious Extra-Color" shirts are shipping LAST. We do this to keep people from subscribing, getting their bonus shirt that only subscribers should be allowed to have, and then canceling early.

Re: Extra Colour shirt

Right on. Sorry for not doing the legwork and reading all the info on the subscriber page.

I purchased the shirt subscription as a birthday gift for my husband. I was so happy to get a slip saying I had a package waiting at the post office, knowing it was the first shipment... Only to find out that Titmouse put the value as $165 for ONE SHIRT so Customs was charging me $35.95 for the package! (If the value had been entered as $16.50, I wouldn't have had to pay any Customs fees.)

I seriously can't afford to pay an extra $35.95 for each delivery. Just wanted to let you know how your Canadian subscribers are getting screwed.

But, you know, the shirts are great! Love you guys and love the show; I emailed Titmouse and hope they have a solution for me!

That does indeed suck, and I'm sorry to hear it. Our shipping folks are working on it now to keep that from happening again. International shipping is a sticky wicket that's managed to give us a big hassle on this end, too.

(so glad you like the shirts, though)

No Hank!, Not the Nozzle

I've been watching this rich fatty deposit of pure breast fed hilarity since before the pilot lite was lit, and I am impressed. Enough that I've come out of the dark to post on this datamining love in to say something about it. The way you slide poop jokes in right under everyone's nose is an achievement worthy of the kinda praise we usually save for holy ghost. You have the best hands and voices in contemporary animation, and your using them to press all the right buttons. Its as though my imagination is an angry nest of bees, and they finally found something good to sting.

You must be at least as messed up as I am.

If I wasn't so busy watching the herb garden I would show up at the next convention you attend in Seattle dressed as a super villain and start arching you until you either hire me or have me arrested.

Is there ANY way y'all would consider doing a week of reprints for this season's shirts? A lot of us are pretty bummed this season got cut in half, and that'd be a great way to make it up to us, haha. Just one week where we can buy any shirt from this season. Hell, charge an extra $5/shirt, I don't care. I just need that damn HankCo shirt...

Screen printing is art aided by industry, but mostly art. Getting t-shirts takes a while.

Материал перспективный, помещу сайт в закладки.

hello Jackson, long time reader, first time writer. I have been a fan of your work since you were still Christopher (interesting side-note: my mother originally wanted to name me Christopher Lee,so we almost had the same name but this isn't horseshoes) when you were writing The Tick.
In regards to your post I am actually writing to extend my interest in acquiring Venture and/or Jackson/Doc related memorabilia, art, foodstuffs, or anything from you dudes that contains coolness thahello Jackson, long time reader, first time writer. I have been a fan of your work since you weret I can sell in a particularly unique smoke shop in the quaint little town of Las Vegas, NV.
I can't guarantee this but if you can give us a chance to be a seller of Venture goods and possibly promote your amazing show as well (I have every episode on dvd, just try to stump me) if you or Doc come into any Another Level Smoke and Vape I'll give you free smokes or vapor products(like nothing crazy though, you know, within reason) plus if you enjoy green things I'd love to get super stoned with either or both of you.
Gordon Burch of Another Level Smoke and Vape

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