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Curious though. In the copy, it says the bonus shirt makes it 10 shirts total. Does that imply we're only going to have a 9 episode season?

Friend, I hate to break this to you, but there are only 8 episodes this season. The order was for 10 half-hours. One of them was the Halloween special, which already aired back in October. And two of them got combined into our epic, hour-long premiere episode. So 8 new episodes, starting June 2nd at midnight (EST).

Verymuch looking forward to them!

I didn't know LJ was still in use

Thank you for creating one of the best shows on TV!

I can't say no to a shirt with five-colors!

Yay, Shirt Club! Maybe I'll actually get one or two this time around.

Yee Haw! Blam, Blam, Blam!

(until the premiere of Season 6)

Season 6 is already on the table??? O rly?

I *LOVED* last shirt club. People always asked me where I got them! Then I lost a bunch of weight, realized I didn't need so many shirts anymore, and said goodbye to most of them....

(I'm turning them all into a quilt)

>..> I still don't need anymore T-shirts, but I'm excited about this and will probably do it again anyway!

Bam! Ordered! Bringing me to 24 Venture Bros t shirts in total. Now I am only six to seven VB shirts away from never having to do laundry for an entire month.

Although per your reply above, does this mean there is no shirt for the Halloween episode? I was not sure if that episode would be rolled back into the fold when this season airs (as it was produced during these episodes.)

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Nope... no shirt for the Halloween episode. The first run of this season will be Halloween-free. Once it goes into repeats, I think they'll slide "The Brimstone Assembly" into the strip as the second episode.

Re: Shirt Club round 2

Speaking of T shirts, the Billy Quizboy shirt totally was the best shirt in batch one.

You are so totally wrong, but I like your spirit.

Boom! Yummy! and ordered! Love you guys and sooooo stoked for June 2nd!!! How do the shirts tend to run? I am um Hatred like in my size and went with XXL, do they tend to run small? Would a 3xl have been a better call?

There's a size chart on the ordering page, but yeah... American Apparel shirts tend toward a "fitted" look. Which is to say, "true to size" and not baggy.

Hey Jackson, thanks for the info, I am going to try to see if they will swap it for me and if not, will just order a second set in XXXL (can't hurt having two, money is going to a great cause!) O and are you and Doc going to be at NYCC? I need to get the rest of my "The Nozzle" storyboards signed by you guys! We Love You!!

Because bonus shirts are for closers.

SHAKING AND CRYING! I was gonna wait for each daily shirt but YOLO, no good lunches for the next few weeks but so worth it! :D

Super Shirt Club!

I got in for the whole season and I'm looking forward to having many new shirts to show off.

I had to comment for the sole purpose of saying that I love the Glengarry Glen Ross reference there. =)

Now to scratch all my pennies together...

Eat the pennies.

If I subscribe for the whole lot, can I pick and choose sizes with each shirt? Or must they all be the same size?
I ask because I'd like to have some for my wife and some for me.

Can we get a bongus shirt for the trivia thread members!?!?!?!

I know I won't be missing Shirt Club this time, in fact I might just spring for a friend's birthday present.

Last year he gave me Sharky's Machine on DVD and a pack of Nickle Nips.

Premiere Event in Melbourne Florida.

Have heard nothing but great things about how the event went off last night. I've been told we'll all love the Episode. Congratulations!

The Venture Home News Girl on the Street reporter reviews Cinemaworld Season V Premiere Screening

Greetings Venturoos, Your Girl on The Street Reporter, Katie "Scoop" Timoney here! I was very fortunate to be in attendance of The Venture Bros. Season 5 Premiere: "What Color Is Your Clean Suit?" At Cinema World in Melbourne Florida. A Special thanks goes out to the Theatre and to John McDonald for making the whole thing possible, because boy, was it a lot of fun!
I arrived about two hours early and went to the front to pick up my vouchers. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw the poster advertising it, I mean, in three hours, I'd be seeing New Venture! After giddily receiving my seat and snack voucher, I entered the theatre. To my surprise there was a Monarch Henchman taking tickets. I looked around and noticed that the entire staff was dressed as Monarch Henchman. It was a nice touch.
seeing as I was super early I ran into John, who I chatted with breifly and got to look at the set up, which included a life sized H.E.L.P.eR., action figures, and several items made by Cinemastery studio. So far there were only three people there for the screening and they were seated outside the theatre. I chatted with them and found out that they happened to be Venture Home News Readers, and had recently won some of our prizes. That was pleasant. I went around and got my concessions which were all covered under my voucher, and tried to take pictures.
Eventually the theatre doors opened and the small line that had formed entered. I continued to go in and out to take photos and chat with people. I was happy to get to see several friends from Dragon*Con, including, John, Lady Lomax, and Susan Blix. As well as a good assortment of cosplay. There was of course The Monarch and Dr. Mrs, a Dr. Venture, SPHINX Brock, Brick Frog, Nikki Fictel, Dr. Girlfriend, Crossplay versions of Shoreleave, Sgt. Hatred, and Pyjamed Hank , Hank and Dean, Henchmen, and Joanie Mars dressed as a Queen Amidala version of Dr. Mrs The Monarch. I was quite impressed
Another nice touch was the Venture related trivia before the screening started. There were questions such as: "Before they became an organization for Supervillany, what was the purpose of the Guild of Calamitous Intent?" Answer: To Protect the Orb.

Finally after everyone had arrived, the raffle began. Prizes included Production art, Brock action figures donated by fellow fans, and gift certificates for Famous Faces and Funnies, a local comic book store in Melbourne. Prizes were delivered in typical raffle fashion by Hench person 46, to the lucky winners. After all the prizes had been given out to the lucky winners, the screening began.

We started by watching the season 4 finale "Operation P.R.O.M." if you are able to watch it prior to the season 5 premiere, I highly recommend it, because the beginning of the premiere is the morning after "P.R.O.M." Not to mention, it's just a brilliantly written and hilarious episode in its own right. I hadn't watched it in a while and found myself laughing as though it was the first time I'd seen it. Let it be of note that this was the first time I'd heard the explanations of what a "Rusty Venture" was uncensored. That was... colorful...
After "Operation P.R.O.M." ended we went directly into "What Color is your clean suit?" I won't give any spoilers, but I will say this: some of the Questions brought up after the Halloween episode will be answered, we will be introduced to several new characters, and see the return of old faces, and as always there will be a wide array of pop culture references and call backs to earlier episodes. I will also say, It was amazing.In addition to the movie every one who attended was given a free Venture Bros. poster from Adult swim. It was a great night!

This is Scoop Timoney signing off, enjoy the official Premiere of "What Color Is Your Clean Suit" Tomorrow at midnight on Adult Swim, and don' t forget: GO TEAM VENTURE!

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