Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

Russian-run LJ has finally run you off to Tumblr? That's it, shut 'er down.

Who's next -- George RR Martin?

Love the screen caps, Santa came late!

Yay! It's always nice to hear a tentative date for future VB episodes! You guys never cease to impress, so I'll be eagerly awaiting your launch. The screen caps are fantastic! I can see the difference in the quality already! =D

Do pardon me for a moment, I'm gonna go somewhere and be incoherent with excitement.

Shiny! Thanks for the previews.

Oh man we'll get dinosaurs :) sweet!
(I have no idea if comments on here get a reply, but I heard a rumor that Ben Edlund wrote an episode for this season?)

Nope... no Ben Edlund episodes this season. Though he did give me the uncredited germ of an idea or two.

Very nice. Thank you!

Happy Holidays! See you in Season 6!!!

Beautiful shots! Thank you for the update. Love to you both, and to all of the good folks at Titmouse.

Has your Mini recovered from the storm?

It has not. It's been in the body shop for like a month.


and did i see bill from king of the hill in pic 4 background right side of table?

once again thanks for the birthday present on feb. 16th 2003
(official airdate of season 1 on adultswim)

A good ole movie from you guys would be cool (I hope thats the special you talking about) Gosh if Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Tim and Eric could get a movie -- you guys are like Gods to those guys infentessamil (dont know if its spelled right and I dont care) writing.

Anyway thanks for the heads up and screen shots.

i apologize if the pro pic weirds you out, i bought that helmet and wanted to show it off after seeing that you and doc hammer recorded part of season 4 in it and the hulk, ill wear a shirt next time!

They're off the compound!!

SO looking forward to this season.
Happy Holidays!!!


And dude, totally good luck!!

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Thank you so much Jackson!! I love you guys.

Also the background painting looks absolutely amazing, better than ever.

Original Team Venture and Brainulo? More OSI adventures? Pterodactyls?

You guys sure know how to tease us, without a doubt. Definitely looking forward to the new season even more now.

*fingers crossed for March*

Always love it when you guys release new stuff for the series, and the Halloween special definitely has me anxious to see what you have in store.

I'm so hyped I can't even stand it.

Thank you guys! We love you!

The Chinese restaurant looks amazing! Dean's attic bedroom and The Monarch's ceiling also rather caught my eye. And underwater- very cool!

I was very happy to receive a Guild of Calamitous Intent t-shirt for xmas this year. I am in it for the long haul!

We love you too. Happy New Year!

I keep trying to form a coherent sentence about how excited I am for the new season but I just...**flails**

2013 = new Arrested Development AND new Venture Bros? Gonna be a good year for TV

Yeah! Looking forward to new Venture brothers, the sooner the better!

Good to hear things are going well and that there's a lot to look forward to from the Venture Brothers in 2013, whether the precise date happens to be in March or May.


Everything else in this post is also A+, as you well know. Happy New Year to the team!


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