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Thanks for returning to Atlanta, Jackson. Both the recording session skit at the Gonzo event, and the "Let's All Smoking" panel were a hoot. It's really appreciated that you, Doc, and James go the extra mile for the fans.

I had some questions I wanted to ask at the panel, and I was hoping maybe you could field at least one of them now that you're in a less hectic setting:

1.) Every season seems to involve some sort of "tweaking" with the animation. Any comments so far on what you're seeing from the rough cuts? Anything new or different we should keep an eye out for, or any general observations or comments?

2.) At the first D*C panel you guys did (quite a few years ago), you talked about (and I'm paraphrasing here) how you guys initially gave yourselves stage names / pseudonyms because you thought it would be cool, but in retrospect thought it may have been a little silly. Now that you guys have acquired a decent level of notoriety, has your opinion changed on that--particularly in regards to separation of personal and professional life...?

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