Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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I was the with my friend in line and we were the last two at the signing (she had the Comic-Con poster and I had the mug/VB Brady Bunch shirt). I should have thought to bring a gift! I'm so glad you could make it this year. I'm not into True Blood or Battlestar and I'm not obsessive over Firefly so the highlights for me are usually the VB and Gonzo panels.

Thanks for coming down! I especially loved the touch of the animated Let's All Smoking intro.

Hey, everybody! Let's All Smoking!

If I smoked, I would totally use that all the time.

Doc really outdid himself with the Let's All Smoking intro... I was floored by how impeccably 70's it was when I first saw it.

I hope to see it again whenever adult swim gets the panel online. Loved it!

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