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Any idea if channels in the UK plan on getting the rights to show VB? I remember FX showing series one, but it was at 1am and I'm pretty sure every episode was shown in the wrong order. I get the DVDs from amazon uk when they're available but I was just wondering. Can't wait for some new stuff.

the adult swim uk website was pretty decent with showing the 4th season (think each each episode aired a week after the american air date) so hopefully it will be just as good this time.

just found out that there is no uk site anymore its just the .com site but at least the videos all seem to be working now. also adult swim shows these days are shown on tcm or tcm2 or something.

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I second this! You have so many UK fans and we love you just as much as the US ones but Amazon and iTunes tend to stiff us on releasing stuff. I had to a friend in the states to get Jacket for me and the special/EP still aren't officially available here as far as I know. We want to give you money - how can we get our hands on the specials over here?! I order the US DVDs of the series now because I'm too impatient to wait for the UK releases, but unless the Halloween special gets released like that I don't know if we can legitimately access it in the UK. Who do we need to pester?

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