Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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That panel yesterday was hilarious- I really enjoyed it♥ The signing was awesome too. You, James, and Doc are the only reason I went, so I was glad I was one of the 100 to get stuff signed!
Really excited for that halloween special, too.

Are there other conventions you guys to each year, or is it just this one?

We'll probably do the New York Comic Con since we live here in New York and we want to plug the Halloween special which will air not too long afterward, but that's not official yet.

Oohh- I will definitely try to be there if I can. :o
Super excited about season 5. More Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is never a bad thing~

Also, do you know if Doc ever showed up at the Venture Party last night? I know he has before, but I had to leave pretty early yesterday to make the drive home, so I was curious. ^^'

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