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Dragon Gone

Have just returned from Dragon Con. Many thanks to those of you who attended our panel and/or dressed up as our most obscure characters and/or stopped by our signing to offer praise and gifts of cookies and robot heads. It is always a sincere and profound pleasure to meet you guys and suck up your groovy kind of love.

For those of you who did not attend, here's a small peek at some of the clips from the Venture Bros. Halloween special we showed at the panel, albeit a non-moving, non-speaking peek with no music or sound effects:

Over at Titmouse East, we're just wrapping up pre-production on season 5 of The Venture Bros. We ship our last episode (which is actually the second half of what will be the premiere episode) to Korea this week. All other episodes have shipped, and all of the art staff (except for few stragglers in the Color department) have gone home. We're received take one rough cuts of the first two episodes from the overseas studio already and are expecting the third this week. Which means we're about to start post-production. The Halloween episode is obviously the first one we'll edit and deliver, since it has to make it's October airdate (the official date has yet to be determined). JG Thirlwell has already completed his genuinely spooky score (we drew some inspiration from the soundtrack to Klute when we first met about this episode a few months ago) and we're just waiting on some animation retakes from Korea before Doc works his magic on the titling and transitions and adds his special sauce to select sequences.

Doc's currently on a train back from Atlanta, but when he returns to the AstroBase, we'll no doubt start talking more earnestly about writing our planned long form special, to be produced some time between seasons 5 and 6. We've already had a lot of "big idea" discussions about season 6 as well, so I'm hoping we get to work on all of this stuff sooner rather than later and we don't make you people wait 2 years between seasons again. Though, having begun season 5 production in January (having written day and night for several months prior), and having had maybe half a dozen days off in all that time, I'm sorely overdue for a vacation.

Hopefully this relative downtime means I can post some more updates on here in the next month or so, as we get closer to the release of the Halloween special and Season 5. Plenty of sweet art to show you, but it must be carefully reviewed for spoiler content.

We Love You,


P.S. Also: thank you to all the adultswim folks who took good care of us while we were in town. And apologies to the ProV folks. I meant to come see your doubtlessly lovely table but had no idea where it was--nobody ever seems to think I might find a convention program or map handy when I come to these things.

Jackson- I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
I hope it's wonderful!

Sweet! Curse is back! I don't even care if he gets a line, just seeing him there in the background is just so wonderful.

Also, this is a weird request but if you guys get bored during the commentary for season 5 can you talk about from a writing standpoint if the new Batman movie was good or not? I know you guys don't really have leisure time to watch movies but I am pretty sure Hank saw it.

Keep writing strong, you guys are the best!

Probably we won't do that in the commentaries. But since I wrote my friend Karl a long email after seeing it, and he has a blog, and he decided to copy and paste my email into his blog, here's what I thought of Dark Knight Rises when I first saw it: http://blog.popsgustav.com/2012/08/a-punishment-more-severe-my-pal-chris.html

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh I thought I was going crazy, everyone I talked to thought it was absolutely amazing and I'm in the corner screaming about the many plot holes, illogical decision making, and insane character development (which came across mostly arrested development for a good part of it if you ask me).

After reading your review I now understand that there wouldn't be enough time during commentary to get all the points across.

I couldn't agree more that Batman wouldn't just quit for 8 years. I was completely turned off by such a pathetic hero. And Nolan should have done, at the very least, a montage of Batman working overtime in the streets leading up to the point where he gets in such a blind rage he almost kills (or actually kills) a man and retreats to the manor to hang it all up.

Also the citizens of Gotham NEEDED to take back their city, like you said, as opposed to the police force with a few other bros. Batman dedicates his life to believing in and fighting for Gotham and after all is said and done Gotham cant inspire itself enough to stand on its own. Way to crush your dads hopes of Gotham Mr. Wayne. Oh and when every cop in the entire city got trapped underground I just...my head exploded. Why you would send hundreds of people in a cluster together in such a confined space is just AHHHHH! I don't know the approximate number of cops you should send out to catch a high value target underground but I know damn sure it isn't an entire city's worth.

I just wish Nolan would have done a few more rewrites before going with this one. Maybe my expectations were too high, but this should had been his masterpiece. If he didn't think it was possible to have a flawless ending to such a unique trilogy then he should have called it quits for the time being.

Okay I'm sure you and everyone stopped reading long ago but wow did that feel good to get off my chest. It gives me such relief that a writer I very well respect agreed that it wasn't the fantastic movie it appeared to be and should had gone a different direction.

Thank you again so much (seriously).

I keep wondering how much the loss of Heath Ledger may have affected Nolan's plans for this movie. It does smack of "oh shit, what do we do without the Joker?"

Birthday Greetings!

Happy Birthday Sir!
May you live forever!

I had a dream last night that Dr. Girlfriend was actually a robot. Crazy times.

Can't believe we finally get something new next month!!! Woohoo!

Happy (belated) birthday!

You're possibly the coolest person out there that I can think of that I share a birthday with.

PS. Love the Halloween stills. Keep up the excellent work.

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday, good sir.

There is only one word to describe The Venture Bros.: Scrumtrulescent.

I can't wait to watch it then watch it again and again and then maybe on frame by frame with the lights low and bottle of wine ;)

I just wanted to say thanks for making this awesome show. We appreciate the hell out of it. (Also the reference to The Shining in 'What goes down must come up' might be the funniest scene in TV history.)

I also wanted to say: Bring back Scare-Bear and Bar-B-Q (even though it's probably much much too late to ask anything of season 5, it's the thought that counts).

I also wanted to ask if Torrid and Bar-B-Q are related, but that might just be getting greedy.

How long are you...planning on making the Venture Bros? (How many seasons do you want to do in other words).

I can't see AS cancelling your scrumtrulescent show, so I guess it's probably just a matter of how long you want to keep doing it.

As for your and Doc's writing...Your show should be winning awards left and right. You guys DESERVE accolades. Hell, Doc deserves at least a pie for titling, "Mid Life Chrysalis". (BTW, which came first, the title or the writing of the episode?).

Anyway, when a friend of mine suggested I watch, "The Venture Bros.", I was skeptical. But when I caught the scene where the tarantula and scorpion were fighting on top of Dr. Venture in, "Home Insecurity", I WAS HOOKED. I almost woke my wife up I was laughing so hard. (silently, of course).

Yours gratefully,


I wish I could have the Monarch's voice on my GPS unit. Make more products for me to give you my disposable income for!

Thanks for coming to Dragon Con this year along with Doc and James. The skit you guys did for Gonzo was flippin' hilarious. I was bummed you guys didn't have a signing session on Saturday that weekend since that was the only day I had a pass for.Had all 4 of my Venture seasons with me for autographs too. :( Anywho I hope you guys come back next year as well. Been a huge fan since season 1 and I look forward to what guys have planned next for season 5 AND 6. :) I'm sure the Halloween special is gonna rock! Take care man!

P.S: Just out of curiosity you wouldn't happen to do signed photos via mailing address would you? If so you would be paid generously! ;) Figured it didn't hurt to ask.

You never answered my question... :-(

I'm DYING to know... were extremely long and complicated story arcs like phantom limbs done on a season by season basis, or was it all (and is still being) planned from the start?

from taking DMTM to losing his #2 position in the guild to becoming a vengeance obsessed amputee to starting the revenge society then finally bringing it back around to the original PL character... was that all planned out or done on the fly?

Because if you guys even SEMI had the 4 (possibly more) story arc thought of from jump street, then goddamn... thats genius.

Hello - do you know if the Halloween Special is going to be made available in the UK anytime soon? It's going to kill me to log onto the Venture Brothers blog and see all the US fans raving about it and not get to watch it. I really, really want the chance to spend my money and get my own nice, legal copy.

I concur. We live in the ruins of a dying empire and most of our TV is rubbish - please help us!

Rubbish? But you gave us Sherlock and Saxondale!

(Most of our TV is pretty bad, too, but there are a few gems out there, on both sides of the Atlantic)

I have absolutely zero control or input when it comes to the international dissemination of our little program, but will surely ask/nudge the powers that be.

Yes, well, you obviously haven't seen 'The Only Way Is Essex' and neither do I recommend that you do. Thank you for the forthcoming nudge. I hope it gets us somewhere otherwise me and another friend are moving Stateside to get our Venture fix.

Thank you!!! This would be extremely good of you. Like it wasn't already amazing of you to make the actual show... so exponential thanks! I'm quite glad I actually kept this Livejournal account now. I knew it would come in handy one day!

(Sherlock is indeed fabulous, but in my heart Steve Coogan will always be Alan Partridge, not Tommy Saxondale. Not sure how well Partridge would translate across the Atlantic of course, and it is pretty old now, but still...)

Coogan's great. I don't know if anyone else cares about him over here, but I love him. The non-Alan Partridge-ness of Saxondale is what I loved most about it. I hadn't seen him get deeper into other kinds of characters like that before and was happy to see he had range.

I think The Trip did pretty well over here. Had some buzz at the art house cinemas anyway.

I didn't see it, but I loved A Cock and Bull Story. It was him playing himself as a bit of an asshole while playing another character. It makes you realise that really, based on everyone he ever plays, he must be kind of an asshole in real life - but he's just so good.

Did you ever see 'I Am Not An Animal'? Really weird, very silly, still funny. If you never saw it, give it a go.


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