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That looks cool. Do you guys go to other conventions? I boycott Dragon Con because of Ed Kramer getting money from it and I don't want to support that man as he is a pedophile.

We usually do San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. I don't know anything about Ed Kramer and/or pedophilia.

Fantastic news! Thanks for the update.
Will the Halloween special be a full length episode or a half length special like the Christmas special? Either way I'm stoked your Base is making a Halloween episode.

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The Halloween special is a regular half-hour episode. It was begun as just a normal episode of our season 5 order, but we bumped up the air date so we could get something on TV in 2012. And because, you know... Halloween and stuff.

That panel yesterday was hilarious- I really enjoyed it♥ The signing was awesome too. You, James, and Doc are the only reason I went, so I was glad I was one of the 100 to get stuff signed!
Really excited for that halloween special, too.

Are there other conventions you guys to each year, or is it just this one?

We'll probably do the New York Comic Con since we live here in New York and we want to plug the Halloween special which will air not too long afterward, but that's not official yet.

I am ridiculously stoked to hear mention of Season 6, when Season 5 hasn't even been finished yet.

\/Go Team Venture!\/

Not as stoked as we are. It will be hard to keep our mouths shut about all the shit we already have planned for season 6 while we're also busy keeping our mouths shut about what's going to happen in season 5, which, to us, has already happened, but to you is still a far off mystery. I must say, after nearly 10 years of thinking about this damn show night and day, it's exciting to be excited about it.

Any idea if channels in the UK plan on getting the rights to show VB? I remember FX showing series one, but it was at 1am and I'm pretty sure every episode was shown in the wrong order. I get the DVDs from amazon uk when they're available but I was just wondering. Can't wait for some new stuff.

the adult swim uk website was pretty decent with showing the 4th season (think each each episode aired a week after the american air date) so hopefully it will be just as good this time.

you don't need to review for spoiler content too thoroughly!
it's okay to admit you were skimming.
the chubby crow is awesome.
can you name some of the characters in the triad picture?
gotta love the parodies.
jefferson likes triana? i know i do.
who is pete white dressed as?

i think thats all my ?s for now

answered or not, you guys got one of the best shows on tv today

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pete's david bowe i believe...

my excitement cannot be contained. HOT DAMN.

My own reverent nod to Klute.

I'm more than looking forward to Halloween now!

Hello from Russia.
F!@#$ng love Venture bros! So hillarious and inteleget series. Especially ep. Escape to the House of Mummies Part II (I think it's kind of genius)
Thank you.

If you one day will need russian voice actor with true accent, please let me know.

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hello, i am how you say.....russian guyovich?

Well, I'm excited :D

I've never been so stoked for Halloween before! I'm even more excited than last year, when I dressed up as a monarch butterfly.

Think anyone can try to identify all the people in the third picture?

Glad to hear more news about the new seasons, I recent marathoned the series and really am ecstatic to what new things you will come up with Jackson.

let me know too! i know 5 or six depending on whether one of the heads has died.

Kind of a "Will blah blah happen in season 5?" question, and I know you guys dont like to answer those, but... Will season 5 end on a cliffhanger note like season 3 did or will it be more like a "wrapped up" ending like the season 2 and 4 finales? I'm curious as to whether or not we will get a HOLY SHIT! revelation/turn/twist that will keep us guessing until season 6.

Also, been wondering for a bit... how long did you have that AWESOME Phantom limb rise, fall, revenge, return to PL, revenge society angle worked out, because that is probably my favorite storyline that played out in 4 (or more) seasons. The arc was just fucking INCREDIBLE. How long was that planned out, or was it done on a season by season basis?

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It was so great to finally get to meet you (and Doc and James). Thanks for sharing one of your chocolate chip cookies with me!

Every time I go to Dragon*Con the Venture panel is the one I always make sure to go to because it's always hilarious. You guys are awesome and I can't wait for the new episodes!

Yay to Venture awesomesauce to come! XD I didn't get to roll with you guys at DC this year or last due to having a little one, but next year I'll definitely be back to come bother you two :P

The clips look sweet! Can't wait for new episodes! I've been having Monarch withdrawal ;)

I was the with my friend in line and we were the last two at the signing (she had the Comic-Con poster and I had the mug/VB Brady Bunch shirt). I should have thought to bring a gift! I'm so glad you could make it this year. I'm not into True Blood or Battlestar and I'm not obsessive over Firefly so the highlights for me are usually the VB and Gonzo panels.

Thanks for coming down! I especially loved the touch of the animated Let's All Smoking intro.

Hey, everybody! Let's All Smoking!

If I smoked, I would totally use that all the time.


Is the The Story of Shallow Gravy gonna be put as a special feature in one of the DVDs or Blu-rays?

And does the Halloween special count as one of the ten season 5 episodes or is it an extra one?

I have no doubt we'll put the Shallow Gravy special on the season 5 DVD. Hell, I thought we put it on the season 4 DVD, but I guess it wasn't done yet. What do I know? I don't watch these things after they're done...

Yes, the Halloween special counts as one of the 10 episodes. Not sure yet whether or not we'll air it again as part of the season, but I'm guessing we might.

Thanks for returning to Atlanta, Jackson. Both the recording session skit at the Gonzo event, and the "Let's All Smoking" panel were a hoot. It's really appreciated that you, Doc, and James go the extra mile for the fans.

I had some questions I wanted to ask at the panel, and I was hoping maybe you could field at least one of them now that you're in a less hectic setting:

1.) Every season seems to involve some sort of "tweaking" with the animation. Any comments so far on what you're seeing from the rough cuts? Anything new or different we should keep an eye out for, or any general observations or comments?

2.) At the first D*C panel you guys did (quite a few years ago), you talked about (and I'm paraphrasing here) how you guys initially gave yourselves stage names / pseudonyms because you thought it would be cool, but in retrospect thought it may have been a little silly. Now that you guys have acquired a decent level of notoriety, has your opinion changed on that--particularly in regards to separation of personal and professional life...?

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Been checking this place every few weeks for more "official" venture updates, great to see it finally happen... and with the promise of more soon!

The end of season 4 felt very...final, but I am very exciting for the new one, and your DVD commentary. Keep up the good work guys! No reference is too obscure!

Glad to see you guys FINALLY make a reference to Bowie.

Reading this post warmed me. The stills for the Halloween special look awesome and I also realized I'm way more excited for the future Venture stuff than I am for more Arrested Development, and that is saying a lot.

It was so good to finally meet you! I'm really glad you liked the cookies. I really think you should pitch Lets All Smoking to Adult Swim it was hilarious! Thank you for being so gracious to me and my family.

You made the cookies? They were delicious!

First off, I love you for putting Pete in an Aladdin Sane getup. Keep up the Bowie references, because everyone knows more David equals more awesome.

Second, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and knowing there will be a VB episode centering around it has me incredibly stoked.

Last, thank you guys for coming to D*C and always being accessible to your fans. I enjoyed Let's All Smoking so much that my friends and I decided to give Dragon*Con a new nickname- Let's All Drinking! Hope you and Doc get some well-deserved rest.


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