Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Interesting stuff.

I've been working on putting an infinite universe theory I have into words. It's not easy... and then getting people to actually read it when they're already programed to think a certain way all of their lives and that way of thinking doesn't agree with what you're telling them... it's tough.

My view of God, though, as an agnostic minded person, could be explained this way. The universe would be this big, long never ending formula. Try to abstractly visualize this in your mind, but keep the formula as gibberish. If you want to add God into it, put brackets around the Universe formula, and then add a letter G (for God) outside of those. And then note: G=1. So, by my calculations, the universe doesn't change with or without a God.

G(Universe Formula) = 1(Universe Formula) = Universe Formula

It's still there, the universe I mean. Multiplying by one is still one. That's just my simple take on it. I'm too poor right now to buy your friend's book to be honest, but maybe he's saying the same thing.

I meant to say "Multiplying something by one leaves it the same." silly typo

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