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If You're In LA...
...so am I, briefly. And I'll be participating in this tomorrow:

...and We Still Love You,


If I were in LA, you can bet your sweet bippy I would be there. Have fun!

I've known about this for a few weeks. Had my DVD for season one shipped down to me. I hope to get your signature. I am really looking forward to this panel. You and Ed Brubaker both write stuff that I genuinely, and consistently enjoy. As an aspiring writer it will be a treat to listen, and hopefully talk with you both. Thanks in advance for doing this panel.

Oh nice! Brubaker will be there to? Sounds like an awesome panel with that line up ;) Who else will be there as well?

Wish I was in LA stuck in MS

Blah Blah Blah same old life stuck in MS. Wish I was there.

This panel was fantastic. I can imagine how busy you are, and I appreciate you staying, and signing my DVD. It was great meeting you. I look forward to season 5. Good luck writing the premiere. If you want to run it by a fan, that can also be an unbiased reader, please shoot me an email.

I was kinda bummed because I missed the first half of the panel since I was working the show (it was my first day as an intern there, and I got caught up at the check in desk) so I missed a substantial part of what happened, but what I did see got me pretty revved up for season 5. Hooray!

Oh, lovely; others have done follow up thank yous. Just occurred to me that I had once watched this page for info on when S3 would premiere & decided to see if it was still something you posted to, and it is! Please do let me know if you are in Los Angeles & speaking/muttering obscenities about your work in the back corner of a bar, as I feel it is a more suitable environment (well, for me). I will sponsor the beverage situation.

I work at a post prod studio... hence the recording studio curiosity. I had another query, but my ladyfriend and I didn't want to keep you any longer. Thank you for all the stories, time & patience you shared with everyone.


You're quite welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Well, now you're making me wish I was...

Gratz on the Guild cameo in The Avengers!

That was very Council of 13, wasn't it? Are those guys in the comics? I was never a big Avengers reader.

Season Five Artwork

How long until we get to see that new artwork from Season 5? Oh Great One!

When will we see season 5?

Odd question but I am trying so hard to find a Dr.Girlfriend and Monarch Wedding cake topper. I know people have used the figurines but I was wondering if there is any other options?

Re: Wedding Cake Toppers

Your best bet would be the kidrobot figures.

Hey, I just finally picked up season 5 v1 and v2... and I have to ask... any chance we'll get to see the '@$$hole dimension' in a future episode? Would be fun to see an episode featuring those guys, the universe of success...

So I know the question has been asked about a bazillion times and I know it must be getting SUPER annoying at this point... but hey Jackson, can we get a rough estimate of when season 5 is coming?

Also, I went to Fry's electronics and picked up a combo pack of season 1-3 for a cool $65 and both season 4 discs for $16 a pop. Got the ENTIRE VB collection for under a hundred, brand spanking new. Worth every fucking PENNY.

I need something to fill the void until the walking dead comes back on the air! Just give us a rough estimate if you are able to, pretty please?

Season 5 will premiere in early 2013. Like January/February or so (which, weirdly, will mark 10 years since our pilot first aired). However, we'll have a special Halloween episode in October of this year.


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