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Happy Holidays from The Venture Bros.

(CLICK ME...then scroll down for our newest musical masterpiece)

We Love You,

I look forward to these silly little songs every year. Thank you for my favorite Xmas tradition.

Yes! Thank you so much, yet agin. :D

Listening to these songs is one of my favorite seasonal traditions.

We love you too.

thank you. the venture brothers is an endless source of joy for me, and it's easily the best written show on television. The annual christmas song is where it's at.

And we love you! I was just listening to the "Wonderful Christmastime" with 21 and 24 and literally CRYING with laughter.

happy disturbing x-mas

Thanks for the warpness... makes dealing with the family for the holidays so much easier.

I love you! I only got into this series back in the spring and finding all the previous years' songs were a delight! I listen to and scare my cat with them frequently.

Thank youuuu! I got to hear it last night and I loved it :)

(Deleted comment)

Are you guys ever going to get Patrick Warburton in on one of the Christmas songs?

Highly doubtful, but you never know. We'd love to have him, but, generally speaking, we record these things at 2am a few days before Christmas in New York--and Patrick's a super-busy famous guy in L.A. So the odds are not good.

as we await das Krampus...

THANK YOU for the Very Venture Christmas song(s)!

It's so nice to see that you remain faithful to LJ even after the dirty Communist takeover.

I want that lunchbox that's advertised on [as], but it doesn't come with a Thermos. Action figures no holdy drinky.

Thanks for another very amusing holiday mp3 - they've been something I've looked forward to each year, and you and Doc Hammer did not disappoint.

I happily added this to my Christmas with the Venture Clan playlist (nine tracks and growing!) and was most pleased when I popped it into my player thia afternoon. As far as I'm concerned, yours are the definitive versions of "Do They Know It's Christmas" and "Wonderful Christmastime."

Yay! I look forward to these little songs every year :) It's a very fun Christmas present to the fans Thanks guys! =D

Thank you! These are epic!

Thanks! We love you too! You guys bring a lot of joy to fans around the world. Keep up the great work :)

thank you for everything you do, sir. i hope you and yours have an amazing holiday.

signed, a fan down in alabama

Hope you had a four-Hulk Christmas everyone!

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

We love you too. Thanks for giving me tasty morsels to tide me over. When is the venture bros new season premiere? I can't find any information on it.

So I just realized something. Why did Sally leave her brother with Professor Impossible after leaving him? I mean, she took Ned and Rocket, and JJ could have easily built a similar oxygen free chamber. Why is Cody still at Impossible Industries?

He was perfectly safe at II. Maybe he liked it there? Maybe VI couldn't actually compete with II? I do wonder if JJ is struggling more than he likes to let on, sometimes.

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