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Re-Gifting (pt. 4)
So here are the last couple of pieces from the AstroArchives I'd like to share with you. They were created for two different art exhibitions and require a little bit of explanation, I think...

The first was for a comic-themed show at Maxwell's Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ, curated by my Super-Pal Karl Heitmueller. Dubbed "Agents of P.O.O.C." (Panels Out Of Context), the artists' mission was to reinterpret one of our favorite comic book panels. Some guys did giant paintings, I think one guy did a stained glass window, etc...

Being a life-long Spider-Man fan, and in particular a Steve Ditko Spider-Man fan, I always loved the little full page backup features he did that taught you all about Spider-Man's powers and what his webs can do and crap like that. I also had recently bought An Ideal Boy , a lovely and entertaining coffee table book of Indian educational charts. I could not help but draw a parallel between these two brightly colored forms of childhood indoctrination and create a mash-up of them.

The second one was done a couple years later for the Too Art For TV Too show, printed at about 18" x 24" size, mounted on foam core, and displayed side-by-side with the first in a sort of "procrastinator's diptych."

...And that's all for now. Our annual Venture Bros. Christmas song should be available for your holiday listening pleasure in a day or two. In the meantime, you can enjoy all seven of our previous efforts, collected in one convenient location by clicking HERE!

We Love You,

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Thank you very much :) Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Jesus, you guys are banging out the season 5 scripts like it's a chicken wing. Did you already have plans for the forthcoming season, or was the majority of it off the top of your guy's heads? If you and Doc were doing it on the fly, my hat's off to you cus that's amazing for such a short amount of time.

Oh, if only we were "banging out the season 5 scripts" as you say! We've frankly been a bit slow on the draw and should have turned in more than we have at this point. These next few weeks will be a mad scramble to finish up the ones we're working on in time to start production--which will put us about half way through the amount of scripts we'll need for the full season.

They are both planned and on the fly, as always. We did a great deal of talking and planning and Big Board-ing over the summer to lay down our bigger picture character and story arcs, and have been writing solo scripts that both embrace and ignore the summer's work. We've generated a terrific amount of "stuff" and "ideas," and now comes the work of hammering all that into actual words on actual paper that actual actors will speak and actual people will draw.

Still, that's just impressive as hell to me that you guys are doing it so quickly (well, quick in my opinion) for the quality of dialogue that you get in any 22 min episode. It actually sounds like believable conversation between two quick witted people (but not too over-thought Kevin Smith dialogue where you can tell it took hours of staircase-wit to write) ESPECIALLY between pete and billy. Do you guys have any help with dialogue from other people, or do you put actual conversations you've had into your work, because the dialogue sounds BELIEVABLE, and that's the hardest kind of dialogue to do.

Even if you're behind, my hats off, because you guys are doing good work.

Thanks for your kind words. We do pride ourselves on our dialogue and yes, we write it all ourselves. Billy and White--like most of our little comedy pairings--are basically mouthpieces for all our own bullshit, and do indeed sometimes speak actual conversations Doc and I have actually had with each other. It probably helps that we're writing for guys we actually do the voices for, too.

It really does show. When Pete and Billy get into it, it just seems to flow together like a real conversation. With all of the dialogue it sounds like real conversation, but it truly stands out between those two. I think that's one of the things that really gravitated me to the show in season two, it just FEELS real.

So it's the two of you going it alone or do you pepper in a little dialogue from other people? I mean, do you ever have someone "pitch" you lines for lack of a better term or is it just 100% publick/hammer created? Because I swear to god sometimes I'll watch the show (especially after season one) and just be completely blown away by how fluid and realistic some of the dialogue is.

Example, when Al bitches about MySpace in the ORB episode... I mean Christ, you can't find better than that. At least 1/3 of the fan base has said something along the lines of "Why can't I read the comments? They're on the FIRST PAGE!" It's just amazing sometimes.

Sorry for the long post, I've just been meaning to give you guys long overdue kudos for the outstanding job in the dialogue.

I just realized you answered my question when you said you and doc do 100% of the lines. sorry.

Maxwell's in Hoboken. Ah, memories. I had dinner with John Taylor of Duran Duran there in '98. I love that place extra now that I can associate it with you, too. =)

Can't wait to hear the new single! Any hints on which artist(s) you're covering this time around? Any special guests to listen for?

Really like these past few post.
Any chance you'll be posting some "Karma Tornado" artwork?

Not a chance in hell. Not only is that stuff crazy old, but it belongs to NEC.

I also don't have those original pages anymore. I gave them to the local comic shop in my college town back in '94 or so to sell on consignment (I was super-broke), and when I returned to the shop a few weeks later I found it boarded up. The owner apparently skipped town, leaving a pile of unpaid bills, questions, and rumors in his wake. So if you ever see them anywhere for sale, someone's fencing "hot" goods!

Thanks for sharing these! Have a great Holiday and looking forward to next season!

Wonderful! I'm not really familiar with the goofy educational charts but I can infer enough to get the joke. Thanks again (again) for sharing all of this. It's precious.

I had a dream that you and I played Magic the Gathering together. I think that was my nerd equivalent of a sex dream.

Ha. I love 'eyelash' spiderman's face.

I recognize the Fantastic Four. Not a big comic book fan, but my bf had me read a coupe of comic books before the movie came out.

how did you get the dot-printing patterns on these?

I've always always wanted to get that effect on artwork. how did you accomplish it?

Re: how did you get the dot-printing patterns on these?

If I remember correctly (it was a few years ago), I just used the color halftone filter in Photoshop. But then I also selected each color channel as its own layer, filled each with 100% of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, and then purposely moved them around a little to create the look of a badly printed poster with off-register color plates.

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