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Re-Gifting (pt. 3)
"Pet My Danger" was my contrabution to 2001's Viva La Monkeysuit! , the third volume of the Monkeysuit (wow, that site's still up?) comics anthology series a bunch of us animation guys self-published together, back when I was still pretending to be Chris McCulloch.

I was living in L.A. while drawing this one (but finished it in New York) and had been in the network television trenches all year writing for The Tick live action series, so I desperately wanted to create something weirder, angrier and more free-form without having to pass it through several rounds of notes from three sets of executives. For some reason, I decided to tackle the "funny animals" genre I so loathe and had a Freudian field day with it.

Yes, The Sluggo Rabbit is basically Brock in rabbit form, and yes, that's supposed to be me at the end.


We Love You,

(Editor's note: I stole the title from my friend, the inimitable (and AWOL) Eli 5 Stone. Where are you, Choppy?

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Thank you, these are awesome

You should do a collected works.

It's usually pretty telling how people draw/represent themselves, haha! :)

Also, google chrome alerts me to malware or something when I try to go to the monkeysuit site :(

Warning: Something's Not Right Here!
www.monkeysuit.com contains content from piz07.bg.tf, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing this stuff!

I own this collection of Monkey Suit and fell in love. It's a nice, kooky (yep) mixture. I hope to find more. Thanks for sharing the ghosts of comics past.

That's pretty messed up, man- in a good way, though. I'm really enjoying these comics. It's a shame they're out of print.

Thanks for sharing! You're totally spoiling us!

This has been like the 12 days of Christmas. Loving all the good stuff. Awesome work.

Brock Bunny is everything my Peter would like to be, including the human killing part (sometimes). Very funny strip, and the pellets joke was TOO good. Thanks for sharing, Much love from the Caerbannog Clan. -V (Dalek), Peter & Cicily (bunnies)

The Native American "Trickster God" had me on the floor for a bit. So much characterisation for so few panels.

I reckon the "Peace Frog" name is a Doors reference...

They were all great but this is the most uplifting and badass one. Awesome!

So... I could basically have the same experience of reading Breaking Dawn by listening to "Papa Don't Preach" over and over again, no?

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