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Re-Gifting (pt. 2)
Continuing my de-archiving and sharing of old comics work...

2003 was super-busy for me, what with The Venture Bros. Season 1 going into production, so my only contribution to that year's In Search of Monkeysuit (Monkeysuit vol. 4) was this back-cover single-page comic.

The sentiment is certainly a bit warmer than yesterday's entry... it's amazing how getting a TV show deal can cheer a guy up...


We Love You,

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everything is better with copyright-free flying cars!

especially kidney stones!

You know what we haven't seen in a long time? A photo of your adorable dog. How is Lupa these days?

So... I was watching Bleach, and Yammy kind of reminded me of somebody. Any thoughts?

I've never seen Bleach and have no idea who Yammy is, but based on a Google image search, I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're thinking of ... Baron Ünderbheit?

You guessed correctly. Your comics are amazing; I've been waiting to see those for awhile.

Just a quick note, Mr. Publick. I don't know if you have any control over this, but would it be possible for this year's Venture Christmas single to appear a little earlier than it did last year? I'm driving home on the 23rd and would to have it to listen to in the car.

I can't wait for the new season!

Really like your early stuff

Really interesting to see your roots in your early cartoons..

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