Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Wow, she was literally killed by the male gaze. That's some disturbing gender politics there, mister.

This is an awesome comic, man.

Evil superman in a bar is the best superman by far.

Existential despair, loneliness, the price of success, and failure? I'm pretty sure I've seen those themes somewhere before. Can't imagine where. Sure it'll come to me.

You may call it re-gifting, but it's like a television re-run. If I haven't seen it before, then it's new to me!

Is there going to be a Venture Christmas track this year?

But of course.

In the meantime, if you want to find ALL of the Christmas songs we've done for ALL previous Christmases, conveniently collected on one web page, go here:


Loved it! Thanks for sharing :)

Re- Gift thanks and Re-Merry to you

Thanks for being so talented and share-ing with the world.

Wonderful as ever. :3
And very much looking forward to more (as implied?). :D

That is some pretty great stuff. Kinda makes me wonder if there's a Supergirl equivalent in his world, although that could get weird fast. Can't wait to see more though.

Epic! Thanks for the share!
Hope you and your crew have a great holiday/new year!

LOL! See snatch is the ruler of all things! ;) This is a fun comic; it kind of reminds me of the Boys. (Or the Boys remind me of this...) It was a bit hard to read with the triple click/size of it. You might want to try shrinking the image and using this website to post them here: http://imgur.com/ (They don't sensor your shit like Photobucket, and LJ sucks image posting wise.) Thanks for sharing ;)

Good share. I dig you.


My goodness I miss your posts. Glad to see you back (even if you are buried in writing tasks and can't post often).

I totally bought the book this very comic appeared in at SPX years ago!

Wow, I LOVE your comics! AWESOME!!!

oh this is wonderful! my cleaning sprees usually only turn up giant wads of cat hair, $2.82 in small change, and if i'm lucky, a pair of someone else's stockings.

This is real nice! I'd definitely read more!

That's really interesting - you can really see the germ of Venture Brothers, can't you?

Awesome bro. But really I dug it so much because it's funny as fuck and well true... in my mind at least.

Oh man now I just want you guys to do more DC Comics heroes in Venture Bros.

(Also more girl butts, but who doesn't want that?)

Real funny comic Totally enjoyed it :) (I never really realized how close the venture bros art style was to your own, really really cool.)

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