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Most Wanted

And Brock over the likes of Superman, the Justice League (and Society before them), Spider-Man, Captain America and the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the (Teen) Titans and even Captain Sunshine!

Brock deserves this recognition. The fact that he favors his fists might overshadow his deductive reasoning skills, but I think he belongs on the same list as those three other great thinkers.

Hey, Brock can tell when a clue has been in someone's mouth and when said clue is filthy. That has to count for something.

I like the cut of this guy's gib.

I like the cut of this guys hair.

John Walsh guest appearance on the Venture Brothers?

i second this

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I love how he describes Brock as the "former' Bodyguard - marks Mr. Walsh as a current fan - very nice!

this is amazing - i'd say this is the next best thing to winning an emmy (daytime or otherwise)

Or, at the very least, an Annie.

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AWESOME! Just yesterday I was telling my boyfriend how I hoped you'd update your lj soon lol! This is awesome! Brock really is a one of a kind, amazingly badass character! Like pretty much all of your characters, really! Congrats!


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