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Celebrity Cameo Room
The trailer (what?) for Hodgman's new book is up over at Funny Or Die, directed by Tom Sharpling and featuring a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it "celebrity" cameo by yours truly (seated an appropriate distance from the grown-ups' table). Check it out, then BUY HIS EXTRA-FUNNY BOOK.

He'll Love You,


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That trailer is so smile inducing it's hard to put into words.

Did you get the chance to shake hands or rub elbows with Dick Cavett?

That's awesome! Did you get to mention his Venture cameo?

I didn't. He was too busy telling stories about being in an elevator with George Burns and Jack Benny or some such thing. Nor did I tell him how I used to play Dick Cavett Show with my muppets when I was a kid.

getting Cavett stories and handshakes is great nonetheless. Also, I think playing Cavett in the company of the muppets is a very cool thing, for not only did you get to be a great host but you were also in good company.

Speaking of the Muppets, get a chance to see that new movie yet? The Moopets felt like something I should have seen first on Venture Bros...

You're a real celebrity to us :)

I love/hate him in Bored to Death so much, I will absolutely buy his book.

(Deleted comment)
Been through another rough patch (lymophoma! lame!) but the VB reruns got me through. Thanks again for all the awesomeness. You are a genius.

Happiest of Thanksgivings to all!

Extra pie for The Makers!

need to email a file to you...

Hello JP!

My husband is a professor/type designer and has a typeface you might like to use.

Just fyi in Season 4 Episode 2 “Handsome Ransom” from 2009 you used his typeface “Burnout” in the scene when Chuck Scarsdale/Captain Sunshine has a meltdown during the Action 5 News Team helicopter scene. That rocked!! I am not embarrassed to say I started screaming when I saw it!

He has another typeface, “Usher”, that he wants to offer you for your use. It would be particularly appropriate for scenes involving the original Guild because of its neo-Medieval, semi-Victorian appearance.

He wants to mail it to you on a CD or possibly even email it to you...how can he do this? Please email me @ memphis81@gmail.com with your contact info.


I'm not sure I've ever heard of a trailer for a book before, but if book trailers are a new genre, it seems to be off to a fine start.

Wonderful news!
I have been watching & watching the first 4 seasons (no tv or net @ home DVDs only) endlessly trying to curb my Venture jones.
I love the show & after listening to all the commentary (@ nauseum)
I think you guys are pretty cool.
Looker & the Eiger sanction are great, now I just need to find a copy of Incognito.
Keep up the good work. If I was to get cable it would be for the Venture Brothers ONLY!
off topic:
Do you know what happened to Korgoth? That looked pretty effin rad but only ever saw the pilot?

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