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Wherever fine music is sold...

More news to come...

We Love You,


P.S. Also, I enjoyed A Bit Of A Chat with Honorary AstroBase Cadet 2nd Class Ken Plume recently, which you can eavesdrop on HERE.

Very glad to see you posting again! It's always cool to see you guys doing VB side projects like this in-between seasons...

That's cool that you guys switched to Titmouse. Are you guys happy with the work they're doing for you? Doc just replied to me on FB saying they are your new production team now, which is cool, because I've had a tour of their studio. Plus they do great work, and the people there are pretty nice. I want a room like their screening room, it's perfect!

Jackson, I've seen Doc and James on the Dragon*Con list, but will we be seeing you this year?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the update! It's been a while but I'm sure you guys are superbusy. Any other blogs out there that your cohorts might have I (and others) should check out?

Very excited! The snippets on amazon sound great. I can't wait for the, "Timmy's birthday" mix!

If it were a woman, I'd marry it.

Badass idea, I'll be ordering it for sure. Dying to see the special! Good luck with the new season!

Will this be made available in physical form or is for download only?

We're working on getting a physical CD (with bonus video content) available in the adultswim online store soon, hopefully.

Time for me to pay tribute to you guys with more lovemoney.

Man I'm really loving the look of this promo, the animation quality is just ridiculously good. What's it like working with Titmouse? Is this awesomeness what we have to look forward to for season 5 and 6? (I think I heard you guys were changing animation studios for the new seasons to titmouse right?)

The only thing that could make this better is a "vinyl" single release on the back of a box of Alpha Dog cereal that you cut out and play on your record player.

Time for that shit to come around again.

I'm in love with this offering; downloaded it right away! Now, a nice little get together with a certain De-evolution band to collaborate a cover would be like pouring honey into mine ears. If Devo can sell out to McCracken and his bunch for the delicious Go Monkey Go, they've got to give some attention to the Venture Brothers too right?

With all this talk of singles, does this mean a Shallow Gravy X-Mass song as well?

Keep up the good work Mr. Publick and March On!

The world is a better place now.


I bought the album this afternoon; the songs are all ridiculous and terrible but in a wonderful way. Thanks again for all this, it's fantastic.

I did have a question though. At the end of the video, there's a phone number (half blurred out) to theoretically call Pete 'Wite' to book the band for events. My sister and I called it to see, (though two separate numbers since we were unsure about what the digit after the 6 was) but we got a busy signal and a 'this number has been disconnected' message. Was this number supposed to be legit, or was it just thrown in there?

The number is NOT legit. It's not even a real number. Underneath the blur is a bunch of numbers and some non-number symbols, making it impossible to figure out. Because people doing EXACTLY WHAT YOU JUST DID are EXACTLY what we were afraid of! So yeah...don't call those poor people on the number you think you saw.

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with this - and certainly the end results are all very entertaining. Quite a deal for less than the price of a decent sandwich.

Thanks very much for the heads up :)

You guys are always so busy and so talented. I don't know where you get the energy.

And FYI, you will be missed at D*C this year. But I'll make sure plenty of pics are posted so you can enjoy vicariously. Sienkiewcz will be there again and Berni Wrightson (so stoked, I love his work). I'll give Doc your swag bag so if he doesn't share, make sure wrestle it from him.

Awesome, I loved Ozzys "I just want you" reference at the end of the video.

I'm willing to bet real money that was doc hammers idea.

I'll bet you real money it was Joy Division's "Atmosphere"

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the special. Cant wait for the new stuff next year. Hopefully Doc doesn't have to carry you on his broad broad shoulders in writing this season lol.

Loved the special and the EP. Walking Eye H.E.L.P.eR. continues to be awesome!

Though what gives? Wikipedia claims that a jerkin is a type jacket. Are they trying to play you guys for chumps?

Maybe their next music video should be called "Jacket Off, Jerkin On". 8-D


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