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Music To Pee On Mummies To...
The esteemed J.G. Thirwell has just posted some video highlights from last summer's Steroid Maximus concert in Prospect Park on his website. Enjoy as J.G. brings the music of The Venture Bros. to shuddering, white-knuckle life with the help of twenty or so of his henchmen and henchwomen. Enjoy...

...and then tool around his website, and buy some of his records or something. Then and only then can you write to adultswim and demand they release a second volume of The Venture Bros. Soundtrack!

We Love You,


P.S. SuperJail! Midnight tonight!

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I have always wanted to see/hear that. Honestly made my day!

My husband loved this; thanks!

awesomeeeeeeeee! thank you!

Thirlwell rules. Check it out in full screen mode!

Did you and Doc have the pleasure of witnessing this event live?

If only we could have played music like that in high school, I may have continued playing my tuba after graduation.

On that note (pun intended), we need to find a really hard-core music geek to turn that medly into a marching band half-time show.

That man is inspirational!

I should add that I cannot recommend his latest Foetus opus, HIDE, more emphatically. It is wonderful.

I used to play Steroid Maximus on my radio show in college! I did not realize the connection. Awesome!

Ohh, I had wanted to go this but couldn't make it in time, so this is great.

Bee tee dubs: Nice work at the Carousel slideshow. Greatly enjoyed the panel.

This is so fucking awesome I wish I lived in new york and was able to see this

I already own a ton of Foetus/Steroid Maximus/Manorexia/Thirlwell records (17 of them by my count) -- many of them bought from the man himself. Tell me who to write to to get Deaf and Ache re-released.

I could see this being used whenever there is a flashback to the original team venture...

thanks for posting!! i truly enjoyed that show last summer!!

Very cool - music is such a key party of the Venture Brothers it's hard to imagine what it would be like with a different sound.

I'd certainly love to have an opportunity to buy another Venture Brothers album - and while it's probably a slightly silly thing for me to want, that "zoom,zoom,zoom" song from "Careers in Science" would be neat to have on such a thing(it's probably one of those pieces from the music library you guys have alluded to in past commentary tracks.) I mean if another album is just a hypothetical, if widely desired, future possibility, a guy can dream.

You have to defile a mummy completely or they come back to life.

-you know that.

Inspires me to do creative stuff.

For some reason, I can’t see all of this content, stuff keeps hiding? Are you taking advantage of java?

That had me drooling. God, there's nothing like live music.

I am having a lot of trouble thinking of something that could even theoretically be more awesome than live Venture Bros. music with a full orchestra. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

I got a few of Thirwell's CDs a few years ago when you mentioned they were inspirationl and some of the music was used in the original pilot. His stuff is just great thanks for posting this link.

Hello Mr.Publick,

I thought it would be nice to inform you that I have entered into a cosplay contest as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. If you have the time you can check it out here:

I just thought it would be appropriate to inform you of this. Also there is a 21 entered as well.

Go Superjail!

Man O Manatee!

You're gonna trip on those wings.

-and aren't you afraid of your...cupcakes sliding out?

That's awesome. Thank you for sharing.

(Suspicious comment)

Re: Rusty Venture Lunch Box etc...

What I really want to find is a Venture patch. Sadly Cartoon Network dot com is sold out :(

Re: Rusty Venture Lunch Box etc...

My comment links back to known stuff. It's cool.

At the end of the crave interview, Doc says, "Yeah, don't forget about us because it takes us awhile to finish the seasons!"

As if, O Makers.

As if.

I know I'll be there.

This is awesome! I’ve been watching Venture Bros on DISHonline.com since I’ve been testing the site for my job at DISH Network and I forgot how good the score can be. Thanks for this!

Please update your journal I am dying for Venture News.

I can only pee on so many mummies to H.G Thirwell.

Are you boys heading Dragon*Con way this year?

Just got back from a fantastic Florida vacation.

Right after we got back from Disney we had to watch The Incredible Mr. Brisby, to much glee.

BTW: The Run-away Shoe ride was fantastic. It's all I called it, to the puzzled looks of the busy bees...

Hi, there, Jackson! Not sure if you check this or anything, but I thought I'd come by and leave my two cents for you to see. I love your show, I think that it's so cool that you turned a comic idea into a tv show, and I'd love to meet you. I've met Doc, and I've also met Ben Edlund, and now I know it's time to meet you. Doc and Ben have both given me some advice on how I can make my show worthwhile material, and now I'd love to hear your words on the matter.

In conclusion, I think that Doc is cool, and all, but I feel like people forget where this all came from. Doc is a great writer and a fascinating artistic person, we all know by now. You, however, are naturally hilarious, yet somewhat modest/humble. I respect what you do, and I look up to you. One day, my failures will result in success, too, and I know you'll be there when I need you. Thanks for a big dream coming true.

PS - Your story board work is the thankless link that motivates an entire team to understand what you see in your head. I thank you for story boards, and am noticing that that is also my strong point, even though I really enjoy animating.

PS (AGAIN) - Here is the advice currently given:

Doc Hammer (over 2 years ago at San-Diego Comic-Con) - You have to do everything yourself first, or you won't know how to build a good team, because you won't know what you're looking for.

Ben Edlund(this year at SDCC) - Character development is important. Develop your characters to a point where you can take him/her out of the element of the show and drop them into this or that scene and know how they would react.

Don't be such a dick. Grow up.

Wow, you really wanted to say that. You took time out of your day to say that to me. Does your parent/guardian know you use livejournal?


First … thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated.

Second… I have to apologize. Because I thought you were being a douche to me. I didn't see your 2nd comment until that deep_name guy commented on it, and I only saw it in the email Livejournal sends me when someone makes a comment. Since your message was copied below his comment in the same email, I thought it was YOU telling ME not to "be such a dick" and to "grow up" (presumably because I hadn't chosen to answer you yet?) and then repeating your question. So of course I thought "fuck that guy, he's not getting an answer now."


Ben gave you good advice. Character is everything, on our show and all shows, I think. High concepts are great, but they go nowhere without characters. And everything feeds into character. You learn about them through what they say, what they wear, what they drive, and where they live.

Doc's advice is also good, but I'd submit you don't really have to DO everything yourself first so long as you 1. know what you want 2. have good taste 3. are familiar enough with the methods and styles to be able to communicate what you want, and 4. be empathetic to the people you're asking to do what you want.

To these I would only add "keep doing it." Keep making stuff up. Keep writing, keep drawing. Keep honing what you do. And get a job doing it for someone else for a while if you can. I learned how to write while writing for Ben's show. Come to think of it, I learned to storyboard on Ben's show, too, and then picked up more skills and tricks while at numerous other jobs afterward. And keep researching. Maybe not "how to" books (though some can be good) but all the books, movies, TV shows, music, paintings, photographs you're excited about. And even some of the ones you're not. Figure out what you like about the good ones, and what you hate about other ones--or what you think doesn't "work" about them so you never catch yourself doing those things.

Sorry about that deep_name guy.


My goodness, Jackson! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me. It would appear that I'm on the right track, then, according to your advice. I currently operate on zero funding, and have started my quest to build a team. As to keep this short so you may get back to what you do best, I'll leave this at thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you one of these coming San-Diego Comic-Cons! I hope quitting smoking goes better than this last one, and for the record, I was question two at your panel, I did the 24 impression and then asked if it were true that you were doing 2 more seasons. Thanks again!!!

how i wish i was there

Thankyou for posting these highlights. Jim is such a wonderful talent. I wish he would bring this back to Australia one day.

just want to say, please venture bros. fans go out and listen to the various incarnations of j.g.thirwell, foetus (all of them!), clint ruin, wiseblood, etc. expand your horizons. He has been producing great music since, geez I will say the 80's, but that is only since I started buying his vinyl. I only wish he would come back to Melbourne and do a one off show of ANYTHING!

I only wih that Mr. Thirwell could one day perform this live back in melbourne. He is one of our long lost talents who I believe will never come back to us, which is such a shame. If he ever wants to come back to melbourne he can stay with me!

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