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The secret files of the Ventureverse

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO DAMN MUCH! This is fantastic news! Thank you guys. You have the best written, best acted, and the most hilarious show out there right now.


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The only way this news could get any better is if you said you managed to get David Bowie on the show.


That is wonderful news - definitely a bright spot in world that seems have a shortage of them of late.

I think we need a new T-Shirt Club to celebrate!

Yessssssssss!! SO EXCITED!!

Great news!
Any idea when a Region 2 version of Season 4 is due to come out? :)

Litterally "squee-d" when I read this!
We know how hard you two work to bring us Venture Bros and appreciate all the hard work you're going to put in over the next 2 seasons. You've made this little lady extra happy!

you guys rock! thank for busting your butts, and for signing contracts, and for producing the awesomest show ever.

Might buy a Blu-Ray player just for this release.

Thank you for such excellent news!

We are so relieved to know that there is more Venture action on the way!

I am praying for a 90 minute special and will gladly pony up the money if that requires a direct to DVD release.

I remain...

Murderously Yours,


Well, this is exactly the kind of news I like to wake up to.

Hooray for more Venture Bros.!

Best news to accompany my breakfast yet. Hoorah!

You totally made my day! We all love you guys too!


I'm very happy for you guys, and for me!

Congrats on the new deal!!

Actually - 'congrats' to us fans because we're winners in this deal, as well.

I wonder if it's too soon for me to start smelling that Emmy for you guys for 'animated, over one hour' category.. Wait.. that's not an Emmy.. that's burnt toast... I'm smelling burnt toast but nobody's making toast.. Isn't that a sign of me having a stroke.. It smells way more like burning toast than an emmy right now... yep, I'm probably having a stroke.. gotta go.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Somebody needs to make this happen this year. Considering this show has almost universal praise, it's about time they get some damn professional recognition.


Holy cat shit on a hot tin roof...This is fantastic news! More ways for me to spend my money love!

Congratulations on your continued success. I hope you guys had a chance to enjoy a nice vacation or two before you dived back into season five.


(using 'problem' because it's the only venture bros icon I have)

We would have been delighted with just the movie. Adding 2 seasons and a short to that is beyond amazing.


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