Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

So. Awesome.

You have totally made my night.

WTH are you doing here? I had no idea you were a Venture Bros fan!

Oh, Mr Publick, you're spoiling us. On, like, a couple of levels.


2 more seasons and a 90 minute special? yes, please!!!

Did you get the station wagon?

(Deleted comment)
Te he! Awesomesauce! It's nice to hear you got the green light for 2 more seasons! And we get specials to? Woot! Can't wait for more Venture goodness! (and of course we're first to spill all on those commentaries! What kind of fans would you take us for if we didn't? ;)

This is all fabulous news! Can't wait for all that juicy new stuff!

Is season four also out in regular DVD format or are you guys beyond that whole trailing edge technology thing these days?

"The Venture Bros. Season 4 vol. 2 DVD and The Venture Bros. Complete Season 4 Blu-Ray hit the shelves today!"

Emphasis mine. And the first volume of season 4's been out for a bit.

Wow, my mom is going to FLIP. She loves Venture Bros!

How do you "like" something on this thing?

I believe you're still required to type the word "like" and possibly use it in a sentence. Tedious, I know, but there it is.

(Deleted comment)
Four seasons of amazing and more than two more to come?


I love you, too!

this is the greatest news ever.

The greatest news would be some kind of magical machine that would take a completed script and turn it into a full episode in a matter of seconds.

But this is a pretty close second.

You and Doc are, as ever, made of awesome.

I eagerly await the moment when i can buy an authentic Venture Industries speedsuit.



This is simply splendid news. I shall celebrate with a fine Romeo y Juieta and a glass of 16 year-old Lagavulin - the only way to do it.

I'm impressed. You two seem to be gluttons for punishment. I figured you wouldn't start whatever the next phase of the Venture Bros. would be until fall, seeing as you've been working non-stop for about two years. But to already have a special to air next meteorological season! Most excellent.

I bet things are up in the air, but is it presumed that the next two seasons will be the size of the first three (about 286 minutes each), the fourth (about 374 minutes), or something else? And would the 60-90 minute special be part of one of those seasons (like Operation P.R.O.M. was) or stand on its own?

I can't wait until it turns 9AM and I get my hands on that Blu-Ray.

Thanks for the love.

Holy cats! This is wonderful news that somebody is listening to the most excellent "Knuckle Down" by XTC!

Oh, and the two extra seasons thing, too.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose a little face, knuckle down and love that race.

Oh, wow, way better news than I was hoping for!

Thank you guys for all the work you do!

Twitter loves you!

And congrats on signing for (at least)two more seasons. Excellent news, all 'round. :D

i'm so excited! this is wonderful news! joyous!
yay :')

Thank you, this makes my night.


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