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Ho Ho H-almost...
Our annual Christmas song hasn't gone live yet, but I'll probably be in a car on my way to Boston when it does. So below is a preemptive link to your digital stocking. Keep checking that page, and by tomorrow night you'll receive a gift of musical holiday cheer, courtesy of Shallow Gravy and friends. And in the meantime, you can open all the other stocking stuffers you find there, from many of our entertainment super-pals, including one by James "Dr. Venture" Urbaniak himself!

(Click me for your amusement.)

Merry Christmas
(We Love You)


P.S. One last Christmas gift: I promised "news" the last time I was here. And though I'm not at liberty to disclose the full details just yet, I am happy to at least be able to tell you that we were not lying in the end credits of our season finale: The Venture Bros. will indeed return. More on that later... Happy Holidays!


Waiting, waiting but not a drop to drink...

The suspense of waiting for news on the next wave of figures, the Sideshow statues and what comes next for our Venture-loving eyes is full of so much promise that I eagerly look forward to 2011.

Thank you guys so much.

Murderously Yours,


p.s. Are you two confirmed for SDCC next year?

Re: Waiting, waiting but not a drop to drink...

We are not confirmed for SDCC next year. We don't really even start thinking about it till May and we're at the network's mercy when it comes to free travel.

Thank you, Jackson - for this and everything else you do for us. I have to admit, the way you, Doc, and the rest of the 'Base crew stay connected to your fans is Reason #1 why I love VB so very much. I hope you had a fantastic holiday, as well - and I look forward to whatever else you've got in store for us!

Another amazing Christmas song! Thank you both for all of your hard work. I'm crossing my fingers that you get a good vacation in before starting on Season 5. Also, I hope Lupa enjoys her duckie ;)

Happy holidays!

Have you guys seen the Stoklasa/RLM Star Wars reviews?

They seem very Doc and Jackson appropriate

WHOO HOO! More Venture Bros. is a good thing.

Meanwhile, may I please request more high-res background paintings?

Thank you for VB, and for existing <3

Happy Holidays and can't wait to see the new season in 2011! :D

(friending for [non-creepy] stalking purposes)

Just added you sir. Such a great show you guys make. I'm proud to say I got my wife to become a fan. Keep up the great work. Go team Venture!

What is the name of the bad guy with the electric plug face who sporadically appears in episodes starting with the yard sale?

oh, and any other habitual unnamed background characters that I can't seem to think of at the moment.

(Deleted comment)
Listening and loving the commentary on Return to Malice and I have a request/plea: please please PLEASE find a way to get AS to offer the Guild doormat in the shop. That thing is sweet!
Anyway, love your work so very much. Possibly my favorite tv show ever. That last episode was a masterpiece. My thanks to you and Doc, you rule.

Yes, please!

Can't wait for 4.2 to hit in March! The tiki bar clips in between commercials better be included or at least optional for Operation P.R.O.M.

The promos will be included amongst the special features, along with deleted scenes from storyboard/animatics and finished footage, and one or two other bits of nonsense.


This is awful but if it passes hey at least dr venture would be off the hook. (I can't believe i said that)

Can you do a short treatise on Wint-o-green versus Spearmint? In my mind I've never established the difference...

The simplest way I can put it is this: Spearmint is delicious and sweet. Wint-o-green tastes like moth balls.

Does the blu-ray really come in that crappy generic 'blu-ray case' they show on Amazon? or is that image just a placeholder, and it actually comes in the nice papery case with the great artwork like the DVDs come in?

No clue. My guess is that it comes in that case. But it might end up having a cardboard slipcase over it, which will probably have the same art. Don't quote me on that, though...it's out of my hands.

By the way, upon randomly looking at Hot Topic, they do now carry the Monarch logo tshirt that's on adultswim.com. I believe it's the same. If it's not, the only difference is a different sized logo ala the Henry Killinger Shirt Club shirt compared to the adultswim.com one.

If you're desperate to buy officially licensed shirts locally.

Just curious (and I'm 100% certain you get this every other waking hour of every single day)...any update on the return of Venture Bros?

BTW, Jackson, just saw coverage of the new lines of toys from IGN. Disappointed the Shore Leave figure wasn't on display, but loving Sphinx Brock and the "Toby Maguire in a bad Hulk costume" Billy Quizboy. Also glad to see young Rusty and Jonas. Definitely going to buy some of those. :)

I just skimmed the comments really quickly...but I don't think anyone's linked to this yet, so I thought someone should:


Also, Blu-Ray...but I don't have a Blu-Ray player, so I don't care. :)

Many many thanks!

At first I couldn't wait to order, but now I just can't wait for it to arrive!

I know what I'm gonna do, WATCH THE COMMENTARY FIRST!!!

Stop it, I'm kidding.

the suspense is KILLING me!

Please, tell me that whatever news you've got about season 5 is dropping soon! New network? Hour long episodes? Finally funded like you deserve to be? WHAT!?!? I love you too. . .

Season 4.2 on DVD ROCKS!!!

Finished watching the DVD and then the commentary over the weekend.
I look forward to the rambling, disjointed commentary so much, it's like visiting with friends.
Friends like you guys.

This season was special, no doubt about it.

Thanks also for mentioning the other VB-related web sites. It's a real relief to see that there are other people way more wacked out than I am. It helps me feel more normal by comparison.


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