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Dr. Orpheus action figure, you say? Yes, this pleases me.

I wish I could buy ALL OF IT. But I know at least what to ask to get for Xmas, even if they won't come till March! And speaking of, thanks so much for the quick turn around on the bluray, I know you guys worked so hard this season and I bow to you (both) for getting the DVD/bluray done this quickly after the tough, tiring stretch you went through making Season 4!

Love You Too.

So this whole post had me going "Yeah, yeah, that's good" up until you hit new episodes of Superjail1 and I am definitively stoked.

A Very Venture Christmas!

I just can't stop staring into ... The Nozzle. *grabby-hands*

Operation P.R.O.M. was indeed a great show to watch (though not for a first time viewer... they were just confused.)

I fearfully look forward to this year's MP3. Bring it on, I dare ya! ;)

(Deleted comment)
1. Christmas song, wheeeee!

2. I MUST have that Dr. Girlfriend figure. My Monarch figure is lonely and needs his Queen Butterfly.

(seriously though, keep the toys coming!)

Yay for the Christmas song. I look forward to it every year. Can't wait.

Ooooh! Dr. Girlfriend yay!

Now I MUST start my Venture figure collection!

Awesome job on the whole season! Can't wait for the bluray!

For making this awesome show, you bet I love you!

(Deleted comment)
"Republican Sci-Fi website?" Seriously??

This season was a home run - "Everybody Comes To Hank's" is probably my favorite moment in television history. I'm buying your stuff as quickly as possible in gratitude!

I love those action figures. I have been wanting some more Superjail for a while now. Republican Sci-Fi websites are like liberal death squads.

We love both of you so much!! You know that I hope! :)Thank you so much for making this great show for all of us. We know you work super hard nearly 24/7. Thank you for the DVD/Blu-ray set coming out in March. That's super quick but makes sense since you guys have been working non-stop.

Us fans appreciate it much!

Happy Christmas, Mr. Publick! War is over if you want it and all that jazz. Can't wait to hear how this year's holiday song turns out.

God I want that jacket. Love ya guys!

Dr. Girlfriend looks awesome.

Just watched some SuperJail... insane, in a good way though.

Was really hoping the Phantom limb action figure would just be a torso.

Operation: P.R.O.M. was a winner for sure. Nobody ends a season like you guys do!

Didn't know Superjail was coming back. Nice!

loved Operation PROM, love a "last chance/gotta make it run" set to music and I can't wait for the next wave of venture figures. any chance for a complete season 4 set on regular DVD instead of the two volumes?

That's out of my control, and as far as I know there is no plan for that right now. Perhaps Amazon will run a sweet two-fer deal or something.

bummer about the cat, cats rule. you should sell those venture crew products to the public anyways probably make alot more money off them. please make GOOD action figures. you know the kind that actually look like the characters. and that season finale was awesome. dean dropping the f bomb never expected that ever. lets go season 5.

As always Sir, I love all you do. Keep it up!! When should we expect season 5?

Oh that Dr. Girlfriend is amazing! You guys are killing me. Seriously there's so much awesome VB merchandise that you and Doc have come up with.

And I'm excited for the new Christmas song. I've been playing all the old ones for the holiday. Way more amusing than the versions that the radio seems to want to cram down my throat.

Back in the day there was no merch! Now there is all sorts. I squealed when I saw the Deen and Brock dolls er I suppose the appropriate term is action fiures.. or manequins of mayhem at the black friday hell hole I got talked into going to. However I was physically pulled away before I could get my mits on them. Alas.

Your fingers in the Superjail pie further confirm my convictions that Jared and Billy Quizboy are related by blood!

I'd love a link to the shitty review from that website. I've pretty much gotten to the point where I've given up with the modern Republican Party, and that may be the final nail in the coffin for me.

Merry Christmas to you and Doc.


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