Publick Nuisance

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i think i get it now but apologies if this is all nonsense

Let's further remember that these were not innocent sex workers, but heartless mercenaries paid to murder everyone in the room for money, in order to spring a known felon from custody.

I've actually argued about this with loads of people. At first I was convinced that they were just hookers and Molotov was bluffing to get Brock to let her go and move on (with the "bad person" speech), then I was convinced that they were Black Hearts BUT they weren't going to kill everyone for... some reason? Other than the drug, I mean.

From what I've seen, there were quite a few tiffs and a measurable amount of confusion in the fandom over this one scene, haha. I can understand that it was meant as straightforward, but I know I personally got kind of romantic and stuck on the idea that she scared him away for him and not because her goons really were about to slaughter the prom party.

Her having Black Hearts in place isn't out of character at all, but her bluffing just seemed more appealing than there being any legitimate threat for him to chase. It felt more to me like she was forcing him to move on than giving him a heads up, which was more of a sacrifice than a last ditch effort to manipulate him in order to evade authorities.

But either way it was an excellent and startlingly moving scene and what actually happened has to win out over fan speculation. The fact that people spend their time arguing over this stuff is a testament to the quality and engaging nature of the show.

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