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Re: The 40's Tiger Lamp on the Table!!!

Thank you. I had not known quite so much about that lamp before now, and am glad I do.

No, we don't collect pottery (i.e. not gay)...that's a sitting area inside the bar we shot the commercials in. But when I saw it there, I did say "Fabulous! Get a shot of me by that yummy lamp!"

Re: The 40's Tiger Lamp on the Table!!!

How cool you answered back :-)
I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed watching the V-Brothers with every homage to Jack Kirby, Galactus, Johny Quest, Spy movies, the list goes on and on it has been a treat! And now the lamp :-)
If I could suggest, if there is a 5Th season (and I hope there is) you might work in small plot line involving a pottery show. Maybe Sgt Hatred could be a collector with a hidden passion for collecting kitchy Haeger pottery from the 50's.
I do a show here in Madison WI (follow link if you have time to check it out) http://www.flickr.com/photos/46463713@N04/sets/72157624728370709/ And every year a strange group of characters show up.. gay people, old people, stuck up experts, Grey grannies, young urban hipsters, and super villians, could make for an interesting episode. Or perhaps instead of Hatred a new villain with a penchant for collecting pottery. I could see Sampson now destroying it all. If you need an expert in the field of pottery(myself) for more info please let me know.
Again I bow to your genius :-)

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