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Speaking of which, I've not noticed anyone at the Cons cosplaying as Molotov.
You'd think her outfit'd be a REAL head-turner.
Oh well, someting to look forward to at Dragon Con, I guess...

You're obviously going to the wrong conventions. Google "Molotov Cocktease" and you'll see more pictures of lovely cosplayers than you will shots of the cartoon character herself.

Mr. Publick -

Thanks for the info.
I confess I was mesmerized by the young lady cosplaying as Power Girl - "her gentle motions each way free..." if you get my drift.

I will endeavor to be MUCH more observant next time.

On a related note, this blog has one of the largest concentrations of truly erudite Venture-Verse citizens. To a man (and woman) every single one truly cares about the Venture Bros. myriad story lines; witness the earlier post about the thread involving Triana's friend Kim. Your attention to story detail is simply astounding, especially in a 30-minute format.
(And yes, Mr. Hammer, compared to the Venture Bros. "Jonny Quest" f*ckin' sucks!)
Jackson, I'm thinkin' that you and Doc may be in the process of building something of a truly epic nature here; a mid-Sixties version of Tolkein's Middle Earth, with blasters & bowie knives instead of spells, swords, and magic rings.
(That whizzing noise you hear is ol' J.R.R. spinning in his grave fast enough to generate amperes.)

And the best part of last Sunday's finale was reading the last line of the credits:
"The Venture Bros. will return..."

where you even managed an "hommage" to Cubby Broccoli's James Bond flicks.
So have another round on me, and I'll see you next year.


ne0 -

maybe she should be in the show more to balance the scales!!

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