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Those of you who love Venture Bros. production and promotional art (and/or Don Bluth art, or Batman/Superman Adventures art)--and like helping other people--can head on over here, or here on the eBay, where married Venture Bros. storyboard superstars Stephen DeStefano and Siobhan DeStefano are holding an auction chock full of animation goodies to help pay the steep medical bills for their beloved, terribly ill cat, Lola.



We Love You,


P.S. In unrelated news, we are halfway through the sound mix for the epic, hour-long, Venture Bros. Season 4 finale special, which is set to air on November 21st. Keep an eye out for more promos like this one over the next week or so:


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So excited for the finale, oh my God!

Wish I could afford some of those wares, too, especially the ones with Hunter. I'll link 'em around but I don't think I'll be able to make any purchases, haha.

(Deleted comment)
These look great. Hope Lola feels better, nothing tugs at my heartsrings more than a sick animal.

This season has been worth the wait. Thank you so much! I know it's super-early to ask, but is there an estimate as to when the season 4 DVD will be out in stores?

Good to know. Thank you, sir! I'll keep my ear to the ground for confirmed release date.

My heart is all aflutter in ANTICIPATION for the finale.

This season has been absolutely amazing, by the way, you guys really outdid yourselves.

Just wanted to check in and say I love you guys and what you do! Can't wait to watch the season finale. :] Hope y'all get a nice long break after.

So excited for the season finale!

Oh and you might like my Halloween costume. And yes, I did the voice...

That is an AWESOME costume.

Same-sies~! (Did everyone think you were a stewardess too?)

Stewardess or Jackie O. I had five or six strangers actually get what I was, and lose their damn minds.

Not the Triana thread!!!

Just kidding! I'm just getting ya prepared for the guys who unfortunately will really mean it lol.

Can't wait for the finale. Loving the commentary (among everything else) on season 4.1.

Oh and I hope Lola gets better!

Bring it!

Look, I felt a little guilty about pissing you guys off over the ORB thing so I went in and bid like a BASTARD on that awesome artwork.

Sucks double that it's ORB stuff too...I STILL dig that story thread.
Possibly more so for my misunderstanding and subsequent schooling on the subject.
(or so it seems in my miiiiind)

(Deleted comment)
Really looking forward to the finale! Thanks so much for all you guys do.

I've been trying so hard not to watch those teasers, but I've failed over and over again.

You guys are going to kill me one of these days.

We love youuuuuuu

This show is one of the few remaining reasons I keep and pay for cable. Excellent work.

I know you guys have been super hard at work on this season but what's the status after this? I have heard rumors of nothing new happening as well as rumors that there is going to be a 5th and 6th season. What's the deal?

(Deleted comment)
I just wanted to say how bad-ass it is that the hour long season finale falls on my 40th birthday. All of you over at Astrobase rock!

As Inga said in Young Frankenstein, ze feeling iz moochull!

I'm looking forward to the hour-long special (just as I'm sure you are). I was just really happy not to see the first half of the premiere twice this time. ;) There was some furious texting and Sinternik worrying in to his phone to the producer. The response?


God Damn that is awesome.I didn't even click the video the image alone is enough to let me know that this show is one of the best around.

I'm so sorry to hear about Lola. I've been down that road more than once. Please give Stephen and Siobhan my deepest sympathies.

Thank you Sir. As always, Super Fantastic Work!! I'll do my best to help the kitty, I've got my eye on the Cockpits and Booby traps poster. It'll go well next to the Urbaniak signed Doc Venture piece. Keep em coming Sir.


and then I came again.

Oh man. Seriously considering blowing my entire government financial aid monies.

I don't want to beat this question to death- It was asked at least twice before me.

Mine is more a confirmation of terminology. When you're described as on "hiatus" some people jump to massive conclusions. I see it on forums all the time- they're saying you secretly don't want to make any more VB.

I see your Comic-Con panel, and see inspiration in you two still. Perhaps you're worn out from the work, but you are still flourished with ideas, and ecstatic to be working on such a great product.

So, I suppose, the question is, "Is a 5th season likely?"

I had the pleasure of meeting you and Doc at NYCC 2010. The only thing I love more than cats is The Venture Brothers. Could you please message me how I can help the DeStefano's? I would greatly appreciate it.

Wow wow wow!
A co-worker just gave me The Monarch (dollie) Action Figure for Christmas!



My Christmas present (I have the best boyfriend!)


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