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The Venture Bros. is officially open for business again...

Please watch our little television program when it premieres tonight on the Cartoon Network's adultswim block of entertainment. We know it took a while to get here, but we worked real hard on it and stuff.

And keep your fingers crossed--especially you on the west coast--that they actually remember to play both halves of it this time. In order.

We Love You,

P.S. FUN SPOILER: Speaking of the west coast, I've just returned from a quick, last minute trip to Los Angeles, where I had the pleasure of recording TV's Nathan Fillion for an episode which will air later this season. Despite having a penchant for vaguely sadistic party games, Mr. Fillion was an absolute blast to work with, and it was my pleasure to put myself out of an acting gig by having him replace my uncharismatic scratch track.

I am SO excited for this! I can't wait to see all the hard work you guys put into it! Also... Nathan Fillion? Thank you. You guys rock :D

SERIOUSLY. There's some brass in this season's voices, not that the traditional cast isn't the creme of the crop (More H. Jon Benjamin? Please?)

Counting down the minutes! Not literally, but.

Please watch our little television program when it premieres tonight on the Cartoon Network's adultswim block of entertainment.

Can do!

OH MY GOD. I'm so freaking excited! The Venture Bros is easily the most fantastic show on Adult Swim. The best. Truly. Thanks for making it awesome.

Nathan Fillion! Let the terrifying VB/Firefly fanfic commence!

also holy shit new VB!!!! awesome

as a west coast viewer with one of those fancy cable boxes that can see the future, I only see a 30 minute block of the venture brothers scheduled.

What happened with the 4th season premiere originally on the West Coast is that they aired the first 15 minutes, went to commercial, and then.. re-aired the first 15 minutes. Haha, so it's a reference to that.

I may just skip the True Blood finale to watch Venture Brothers premier instead.

I might just do that, maybe.

I am on the west coast though, so if they screw-up the feed... I'll go back to the Draculas. That's my ultimatum.

My two favorite TV shows of the past thirty-five years are the VB and Firefly. Just...wow, guys.

Holy shet.. Can't wait to see what Nathan brings to the show.. I feel my Firefly fangirl rising.. @_@

I'm kinda breaking the sabbath to watch it <3

(Deleted comment)
Welcome back sir. It's been a long year and I know I'm really looking forward to the new season. :)

Curses, I'm not quite even done season 3, and there aren't enough hours to catch up in time!



I think you just made many people's heads explode with the announcement of Nathan Fillion.

Anyway very excited for tonight.

I love the picture of Hank Co.'s. And it's a sandwich (albeit banh mi) place!

Looking forward to new Venture Brothers tonight. Even rewatched the last episode tonight in anticipation. :)

it was my pleasure to put myself out of an acting gig by having him replace my uncharismatic scratch track.

Ooooooh. My guess is Dragoon! He sounds scratchy enough.

The premiere's on in two minutes here. SO EXCITED!

Not "scratchy"...

A "scratch track" is what we in the biz call a temporary track. It's new character, for which I did the temporary voice at the original recording session a few months ago--so we could correctly time and storyboard the episode--and now that we're getting ready to complete the sound mix, I've replaced my voice with Nathan's much better one.

it's moments like these, when I miss having cable D:

When is the earliest that episodes rerun? I am a fool and missed it. ;__;

But I did see the last few minutes, and the episode preview for next week, which has me all excited!

(Deleted comment)
That was excellent! It was fun to see the clips I'd seen online and at Dragon*con in context. Great ep! Looks like it'll be a great half-season :)

The David Byrne reference was my favorite one this episode (second-favorite was jiffy pop).

Only complaint was that it felt like it was over too soon. That was excellent! Can't wait for next week and for Hader and Fillion and everyone else!!

also that sounded like some Weep in that first bump

I was like :o

and nice to know you didn't get pressured into FIFTEEN MINUTES OF DOCLESS VB A WEEK bullshit haha

This episode was STUNNING! I've been looking forward to it ever since the sneak peek at MoCCA, and the animation and shots are better than I've seen in pretty much every TV show. Funny as hell too. I almost fell off the couch with the callback to Marion Ravenwood. (Doesn't help that I was sitting on the arm.)

You guys knocked it out of the park and you weren't kidding when you said this block of episodes was going to kick ass. I know how hard you guys worked on this and it really shows. :)


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