Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

WE LOVE YOU BACK! The words on your shirt are backward, is that webcam shot?

This pleases me.

I <3 you too, AstroBase!

What a lot of great news. Plus: Fuck yes King Gorilla.

How complicated this making a cartoon business is.

Man. All these screencaps look spectacular. I'm especially excited about what the first one seems to be.

But will the #24 action figure's head fly off when you squeeze him?

That deserves a gold star.

thanks for the update, looking forward to this will be fun (take all the time you need! if your happy with the final outcome after all of it, then you can expect us to become enthralled with every new episode.. After reading this, i'm in the mood to watch some re-runs and refresh my memory. :)

the detail of this update makes me feel better, despite the suckage that is august. the results are always worth the wait, and i am excited!

Dig the MEGO Figure effect on those toys. Rock on, man!

All good things are worth the wait ... ESPECIALLY when those good things happen to come from the folks at AstroBase. :D

Thank you for keeping us posted ... I'm looking forward to everything you, Doc & crew are poised to throw at us.

(Yes, everything. Exploit my naive fan love as you wish.)

OK, these screengrabs are all great, but the one of Hank is FUCKING AWESOME.

Keep up the good work, guys! I'm sad I have to wait but August is my birthday month so I can't help feeling like having Venture Bros return then is like a little b-day present to me (and, you know, other people with August b-days).

Delusions of grandeur aside I just want to say I love what you do and thanks for all the fishthe update!

Everything you have planned gets me so hyped that I don't even care about waiting 4 months for the new episodes. The figures already look great (though they definitely need some extra time for finishing touches. I haven't seen clothes that baggy since I hung out with an autistic kid)

Also, the return of King Gorilla. Fuck yes.

Here is a question you failed to answer: are Brock's eyes still ridiculously detailed as overcompensation for season 3?

I think we got that ironed out.

We're impatient only because we love it so much!

Thanks for the update :)

Yay! thanks for the update and thank you for your hard labors. I'm glad you guys are taking your time to do it right. My love to the whole lot of you.

It's well worth the wait. Thanks for the update!!!

Oh man, this was way more information than I would have ever expected or dreamed of. Awesome. Totally awesome.

Now, where the lightning fuck did you get that HankCo cap? Subquestion: where the lightning fuck can I get that HankCo cap?

Thanks for the update and pics. <3!

OOOOOOOOh...please make the toys 10", so Team Venture can fit Planet of the Apes playsets- they can fight damn dirty apes. Plus, I have a Dracula doll that size that I can kit-bash into a Dr Orpheus, just like HE did.

This is a pretty epic idea.

Pretty screengrabs, thanks very much for sharing! I've been missing them all.


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