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Preview of Coming Attractions...

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At First I HATED the Toys...

Until I heard that gorgeous word... "Prototypes".

I'm waiting to see the real deal... I'm skeptical but I know for a fact at this point that theres really no way you can lose as a fan with the way astrobase does shit. So I trust your judgment. :-D

Also, huge question... Would LOOOVE to see a SPHINX or OSI shirt, especially if they were t-shirts that were printed to look like the whole outfit (example, the outfit Brock is wearing in "Invisible Hand of Fate... with the white straps and everything else printed right onto the navy blue shirt as part of the design... GOD that'd look cool as hell, IMHO)

Can we expect to see a SPHINX shirt in the future? Is it up to other people, the Gods of the Venture t-shirt design to cook that stuff up, or do you guys suggest them? I dunno how this process, or as they say in the biz "shirt merchandising decision making stuff" works.

Please let me know if I oughta wait on it or should begin sewing that SPHINX patch onto a brown dickies T-shirt... LOL
Thanks in advance (pretend I said it sarcastically and add, "YOU S.O.B." at the end if you dont reply :-D) for the reply!
Your Friend (and Mine),

~Patty V.

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