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Let The Sun Shine In
The second episode of the fourth season of The Venture Bros. airs tonight on adultswim. Entitled "Handsome Ransom," it was the first script we wrote for this season--back when we still thought we'd be doing 13 episodes straight through and starting production immediately after pre-production of season 3 finished.

...Which also means it was written when Michael Jackson was still alive...

Too soon?

Anyway, those who were confused or annoyed by last week's convoluted premiere can relax...this one's a pretty straight forward comic ransom romp. It picks up a little while after the events of the premiere, and it's got The Monarch in it. So you won't have to think too hard and you can watch it all regular and just enjoy it and stuff.

Assuming the network actually shows both halves of it.

We Love You,

Kevin "Batman" Conroy guest stars in this episode, and he was a total joy to work with. A real pro who was game for whatever we threw at him and, if anything, almost got a little too into the role.

Great episode this week...but what was up with the black guy? I'm not sure I fully get what his deal was.

Just a simple delivery man--who may or may not have ESP (but seems to think he does)--and who sees enough odd behavior at the Venture Compound to misunderstand the situation.

The episodes keep getting better and better,all I can say is thank you for doing such an entertaining season.

Duh-Duh Dean Great ... Huh-Huh Hank Better?

Duh-Duh Dean was great. If he is an extreme version of Dean amplifying Dean's natural wuss, does this leave open the possibility that there is a Huh-Huh Hank that escaped buffed up with OSI or some other Alphabet Organization and is waiting in the wings to give Brock an ultimate beat down for not being there when he needed him?

Since there's no thread for the new episode...

LOVED the prog rock jokes! Please tell me that there's going to be a Season 4 soundtrack with the "Close To The Edge" pastiche that Dean was listening to. Sounded more like Camel to me than Yes until the vocals, but I have to have it for my iPod.

And, no, Dean was not ready for King Crimson. I've been listening to them for 20 years and sometimes I feel like I'm not ready.

Reject Dean is going to haunt me forever.

Good episode again.

This season rocks so hard and I can only see it getting better.

Perchance to Dean may be my new favorite episode. So well written, bringing all of those seemingly disparate elements together for an wizz-bang conclusion. And finally figuring out what the hell was going on in the Season 4 trailer (Dean disintegrating, Hank killing Dean, etc.) was a huge relief. Fine work, Publick. I can't wait to see the rest!

Flashback Brock looks like a good match for Molotov and her current street style from the Season 3 finale.

How did you guys end up getting Reggie Watts to do a voice?

Nerdy plot hole questions...

How come D-19 managed to live in the attic all that time, apparently just above the lab, with no-one noticing?

How come the dead clones hadn't decomposed? The last time a fully-clothed Dean died was 1996 (given that it was about the same time as Wonderboy III's death).

I pay far too much attention to things.

By the way, ignore the Hatred-haters. I think he's a great character (although it would be nice to see him kick some ass, which is something we haven't really seen yet).

Re: Nerdy plot hole questions...

Not 1996, 2006. From the Wonderboy memorial.

I just realize Dean's big progrock induced science experiment was to shrinkydink his hair.

Yes, he put his hair clump in a petri dish, poured Miracle Grow all over it, a little Krazy Glue, and then baked it in the oven like a Shrinky Dink.


Now that I have that out of my system great work! That episode was *tears in eyes* awesome...

Episode 3 was so great! The humor REALLY hit close to home this time. When I was Dean's age I too was handed 4 ton cardboard box full of progressive rock, and I too reached for the same King Crimson album right away. Only I wasn't "doing science", I was doing art. I still listen to that album, and healthy doses of Coltrain (unrelated, I know) when I'm cooking. So I guess that's doing science and art at the same time, no? Anyway, great job and keep em' coming!

is the reason i have been listening non stop to Yes , Asia, King Crimson, and looking up the art of Roger Dean, a newfound love i think so !

So are Jackson and Doc prog fans then?

As if I couldn't love this show any more than I do now.
Yes? King Crimson?

It's like you guys are totally speaking my language or something...

Roger Dean's work coverd my walls for many, many years.

Now, thanks to you, I have to go find it all again...

...in FRAMES this time!

Re: Progressive Rock!

*whew* I really thought I was the only prog rock fan here. :)

Dean will never be ready for Van Der Graaf Generator, though.

NP: "Epitaph", King Crimson

Absolutely fantastic episode Jackson, and possibly in my top 5 for the series. It was well-paced, and the various plot-threads tied together pretty well in the end. There was just enough pathos in D-19 to create a bittersweet (yet hilarious) ending that helped continue the theme of failure. Finally, your ability to interweave both common and obscure references would make any fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 proud.

However, I'm only a casual fan of prog rock, so I essentially had to Wikipedia almost all the references. But, it was an entertaining exercise!

I like the sweet caring side the Sergeant Hatred is showing.

Um... Please bring Brock back?

Seed Money - insurance fraud?

Seed Money from Insurance Fraud - are we going to get the rest of that story?

Am I going to see Henry Killinger this season?

is orb gonna come back... or something. that was a pretty big thing

Re: i'm alittle confused

ORB was probably my favorite episode last season, so I have to echo that...

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I just wanna say thank you.

This sounds really really...well pretty crazy and pathetic, but I felt the need to write you a Thank you note. Back in 2005, I was at an all time low in my life. Things were bad all over. I was seriously thinking of ending it all. I probably would have, but then I found out shortly before I was planning this...well stupid idea....that the Venture Bros. was renewed for a second season.

I know it sounds goofy, and silly, but just being curious about what you guys had planned, and the lil' bit of happiness I felt about hearing my favorite animated series getting ruined, tipped things enough to where I wanted to go on to see what the next day brought.

Now, things aren't perfect, but they're always getting better, and I'm met a lot of good people in the past 5 years. For that sir, I want to thank you.

Re: I just wanna say thank you.

Typo check.

....the lil' bit of happiness I felt about hearing my favorite animated series getting RENEWED....

haha should have re-read it before posting. Sorry about that. Nothing could ever ruin the Venture Bros.

Tonight's episode = by far the BEST of the season so far! Loved every second. Thanks for this one!

(I know it was a Doc episode...but no matter who wrote it, thank you for your involvement, too...voices and whatnot...)


When the end credits were rolling, I felt good about having some closure about 24.

but then the after-credits scene went and obliterated it.

Its almost like an "on the next arrested development . . ."

Great show this week!


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