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Let The Sun Shine In
The second episode of the fourth season of The Venture Bros. airs tonight on adultswim. Entitled "Handsome Ransom," it was the first script we wrote for this season--back when we still thought we'd be doing 13 episodes straight through and starting production immediately after pre-production of season 3 finished.

...Which also means it was written when Michael Jackson was still alive...

Too soon?

Anyway, those who were confused or annoyed by last week's convoluted premiere can relax...this one's a pretty straight forward comic ransom romp. It picks up a little while after the events of the premiere, and it's got The Monarch in it. So you won't have to think too hard and you can watch it all regular and just enjoy it and stuff.

Assuming the network actually shows both halves of it.

We Love You,

Kevin "Batman" Conroy guest stars in this episode, and he was a total joy to work with. A real pro who was game for whatever we threw at him and, if anything, almost got a little too into the role.

As For The Post Title...

... nothing beats Sunshine of Your Love, which was also performed by the Fifth Dimension in a weird, weird bastardization of Cream's original version.


great episode! Hank is definitely my favorite! I loved when he asked Captain Sunshine about putting in a good word for him with Batman. Loved the premiere also!
Now to the real business at hand... I found a token at work the other day. It's a silver token with a gold center. It reads, "control token, no cash value." The interesting part is that on one side, in the gold, it has "VB" on it. Is this some sort of "venture cash." Did I win something? If I collect enough of these can I get some super cool Venture gear? Just thought I'd ask.

Hey JP... loved the Depeche Mode reference in Season 1 (and you guys talking them up in the commentary). I'm a big Venture Bros fan, but DM have my heart... lol. Have you heard the latest release (2009's "Sounds of the Universe") and did you guys like it?

Lol... and not but a week later, "Enjoy the Silence" gets name-dropped in Return to Malice. Nice!

Episode. Rocked.

I can tell I'm going to love this season.

And kudos to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch being all smart and stuff. She really does have the capability to be on her own, but somehow finds it in her heart to keep her silly man supported.

Also ... Hank was totally pulling a Home Alone gig on the Monarch. That was great.

soon is for the weak and feeble!*

(and those without Korean sweatshop animation houses)

So, as someone pointed out on the AV Club message boards, Captain Sunshine was mentioned in dialogue in the Season One Finale. As was Wonder Boy. Nice. Nice.

Just watched and laughed at the old school nature of the villainy. twas a rollicking lark.


One of my roomates, who's FtM trans, was a little upset that the gay character had to be a pedophile also. Since He's not seen most of the first 3 seasons, we quickly pointed out that Sargent Hatred was a Pedo first, and that seemed to calm him down a bit.

Also, gotta love that "my wife helped a bit too" bit that Monarch says. Brilliant!

Hey, the Alchemist is gay, and as far as we know, he likes 'em legal!

I don't know if you read all these comments, but you can already find chronological "cuts" of the season 4 premiere on these here internets.

Personally, I didn't find it to be too hard to follow.. and I think a straightforward chronological cut would be kind of jumpy and unbalanced. BUT! It does exist! (unofficially, I'm assuming.)

Ghost Robot is instantly my new favorite character. Also, I see that 21 has entered a "grim n' gritty" phase.

Great episode, I liked it better than the premier.

It LOOKED fantastic. Such vibrant colors and new locales that really *cough* sparkled.

Kevin Conroy turned in one of his best performances, I think.

Well done, guys.

Whoops. Forgot a question.

What was the deal with the shrunken down, money-camouflaged Sgt. Hatred?

It was never really explained or expanded upon; it was just...there. I thought there would be some more jokes with that. Not enough time in the episode or something? It was pretty jam-packed, as usual.

I didn't think the premier suffered by being confusing. It made it more intriguing, like "Memento." I went back and watched it a few more times to get the timelines straightened out in my head. Feel free to make more fragmented episodes like it.

I loved this episode! LOL! The places you guys go never cease to make me squee with amusement! And Yea! Monarch! I live for his screen time! :P

I was wondering about that--what Conroy thought about the script. Will he be on the DVD for this episode? I'd love to get his take on it, especially after seeing it completed.

Though I gotta ask, is the gay pedophilia going to continue being such a strong point through the series? With Hatred as a once-in-a-while joke, okay, one character was enough, but now two, and when Hatred seems to be a semi-permanent cast member? It starts to feel a bit awkward, especially when two characters are talking about it (or eluding to it) in the same episode.

By the way, thank you again for another high-rez piece of artwork. They are muchly appreciated so that we can see all the groovy details the artists put into them that we may otherwise never see. :D

(Deleted comment)
It will be and you clearly have Interwebs which means get thee to adultswim.com. Because I don't have cable either!

Neverland on steroids

Loved the new episode! It was wicked funny and yet I felt the need to wash my eyeballs out with soap afterwards. Sunshine you perv! When you make Hatred look normal, you know you've got problems!

Had to google Kevin Conroy, so now I know.

Loved the ending when all parties meet up at the Sunshine mansion, which looks a lot like Bruce Wayne's mansion minus the bats. Monarch was hysterical, taunting Sunshine. Looking forward to seeing the unbleeped version of this one. Dr. Girlfriend was her usual amazing self too!

There was so much to love in this episode. The new season is going swimmingly! It was definitely worth the wait.

Kevin Conroy? Awesome.

That said, this episode struck me as a rare misstep. It felt uneven and thin on jokes in places. I can attribute that to it being the first script written of the season. I'm less forgiving of plot holes.

The Monarch tries to defeat Capt. Sunshine by shooting him with a sunbeam ray-guy, despite the fact he knows the captain draws strength from the sun. Even if we blame the Monarch's normal level of idiocy for this plan, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch should've pointed out this logical fallacy to him, especially since she built the ray-gun.

Captain Sunshine wasn't more than a Sgt. Hatred retread. Was he only seen as a pedophile by outsiders, or did he really *want* to butt-thump Hank? I still can't tell.

And having the Monarch slay Wonderboy seemed too grim, even by Venture standards. I would've preferred a cutaway flashback of Wonderboy dying from some hilarious and freak accident instigated by the Monarch, with him taking undue credit for the kill. That would be appropriate; otherwise, having the Monarch murder a child in cold blood -- even off screen -- is a bit much.

I know [as] has touted the rating for the premiere (which rocked). I wonder how many of them are new viewers. I suspect most were repeat viewings from the same core audience.

Looking forward to the rest of the season. Will we be treated to another Ben Edlund-tastic episode this year?


1) I agree with the Capt. Sunshine/pedo stuff, it's a bit tired. So was making half of OSI into the village people last season. Parodying G.I. Joe as OSI/Cobra as Sphnix is cool idea, but all the flamboyant gay-stuff is kinda predictable. Er, sorry Jackson...

2) Disagree about the Monarch killing Capt. Sunshine's Wonderboy. It's good to keep in mind that for all his failings and incompetence, the Monarch is still a villain. He is evil, and I think it's good that the series remembers and reminds us of that.

The 2nd episode was good, but I was so amped up from last week's that it was a bit of a let down. The preview for next week has me amped up all over again.

[as] ran a bump that showed viewership for the repeats last week. I think it went up Monday night, then stayed almost constant around half a million viewers each night. That's amazing. Somehow [as] has found the 1 in 600 Americans who have excellent taste in television and locked their eyeballs down.

Is Dean going to become like the younger daughter on Family Matters?

You know, the one in the opening credits, but was like never on the show?

I know this is way, way, way too early to ask, yet the thought popped into my head last night, as it seems like Dean's been getting relegated to H.E.L.P.e.R. status so far this season, and Hank's been getting all the screen time.

Not that I'm complaining, as Hank seems a lot more interesting at this point.

Also, love 21's new outfit and claws. Also, has he been working out, or just taking homemade superserum?

I completely forgot about Kevin Conroy being in the show this season. I didn't check this site before the show. So I just watched this episode for the second time without realizing that he was playing Captain Sunshine.

Wow. He was awesome.

I probably should have recognized the voice, but the performance was so different from Batman! Just the thought of Kevin Conroy in a recording booth yelling "I'm coming Wonder Boy!" has me laughing. That's something that should have been filmed for the DVD, I'd pay money to see that.

Thanks for an awesome episode. Plus, I liked the flames in the shortened opening. They work well.

Great stuff! Loving all the St. Hatred! And 24's badassery knows no limit!

I'll probably end up watching this one four times, like I did the premier.

Do you understand that I generally hate watching things multiple times? Your show is changing how my life is lived. Can't wait for some good ol' Orpheus flipping out, neither.

Wonderful episode! I love Hank's new hair, it's pretty adorable. Not to mention Sunshine/Kevin Conroy. You guys are great!

Quick question, though- You said you weren't going to bring 24 back in any arena of being.. Are we going to have to continue to watch 21 decline? (You know you're a geek when you consider a fat guy going for muscle a 'decline')

This show had the highest PPM (Pederasses Per Minute) rating ever! Awesome show! I had to say I was hugely relieved when I found out what the lube was for.

Good day your majesty... So what's the possibility of a season 4 series of shirts? Keep up the incredible work.


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