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Let The Sun Shine In
The second episode of the fourth season of The Venture Bros. airs tonight on adultswim. Entitled "Handsome Ransom," it was the first script we wrote for this season--back when we still thought we'd be doing 13 episodes straight through and starting production immediately after pre-production of season 3 finished.

...Which also means it was written when Michael Jackson was still alive...

Too soon?

Anyway, those who were confused or annoyed by last week's convoluted premiere can relax...this one's a pretty straight forward comic ransom romp. It picks up a little while after the events of the premiere, and it's got The Monarch in it. So you won't have to think too hard and you can watch it all regular and just enjoy it and stuff.

Assuming the network actually shows both halves of it.

We Love You,

Kevin "Batman" Conroy guest stars in this episode, and he was a total joy to work with. A real pro who was game for whatever we threw at him and, if anything, almost got a little too into the role.

Within ONE SECOND of the preview for this I was all WHAT'S UP BATMAN?! and then I remembered the bit with Doc and you being all DON'T BE AFRAID TO SOUND MORE LIKE BATMAN to Kevin Conroy and I got even more stupid giddy!

Oh man, saw the clip you guys played at Dragon*Con. As a huge Kevin Conroy fan, I am thrilled to finally get to see the rest!

Can't wait!

Is XBox Live Marketplace going to get HD versions of the episodes?

Blood of the Father is on Xbox Live...it went up on Wednesday I think.

Or have you already checked and found it to not be HD?

I realize I'm probably being extraordinarily unhelpful. Sorry; it's not intentional.

i already know i'm a bit off, but that mansion looks like the Climer's estate from "The Oblongs" cartoons...

also... Kevin Conroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought the same thing, right down to the number of exclamation marks after Kevin Conroy.

Also, check out my jack o' lantern.

I was there for the Dragon*Con preview. Can't wait to see the rest of this!

My fingers are crossed that it's going to be played in its entirety.

Okay... now, I'm really excited.

How did you guys get Kevin Conroy? If you mentioned it in one of the commentaries, I just bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD in preparation for the season premiere (already bought 3 back when it came out) so I haven't heard all the commentaries yet. Do you guys have history with him? I remember in the season 3 commentaries there was mention that celebs are hard to get for the show...

(Deleted comment)
It was if you saw the first half twice and the second half not at all. ;)

It was never too soon...

It's not like you're making a joke about how he died--just how he allegedly lived. People have been doing that for almost twenty years now.

If anybody gives you any guff, let me know and I'll give them what for!

Thank you so much for making this episode "normal". I for one, hate innovation and hate twisted story lines, in fact, I hate story. I appreciate this Return to Old.


Your everday fan

Counting down the minutes, sir.

I don't know if I should wait until season 4 comes out on DVD, or watch the episodes online illegaly

Why not do both?

Also...they do show them "legally" on adultswim.com starting the day after they premiere, if it's the long arm of Johnny Law or the moral quandary of stealing money from me you're worried about.

Hey, I loved last weeks episode, even if it was batshit insane. I am so excited for more.

Giddy like a school girl

I've been playing Arkham Asylum... it can't be healthy to have this much Conroy at once. No wait, one can never have too much Conroy.

I loved the first episode and I can't wait to watch and rewatch tonight's episode.

The voice of Batman and the venture brothers all in one place? Cannot cope! Too much awesome!

I thought the premiere was brilliant. I enjoy getting the chance to think/pay attention when I'm being entertained.

LOVED watching the evolution (devolution?) of the comic book.


ooo...i can't wait.

we were hopping mad when they screwed up the second half last week. ended up watching a terrible youtube bootleg around 1 a.m.; i think the guy used his phone to make a video of the television. but we HAD to know what was going on! then, of course, we had to watch it again once it was up on adultswim.com.

anyway, great start to the season. we love you too!

The first episode was hilarious; a little confusing at the onset, but it all made perfect sense by the end. Bonus: it made me want to watch it multiple times to ensure I didn't miss any hilarity in my initial confusion. ;)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I thought the first episode was brilliant!
very well written.

This is honestly and 100% the best animated show to come along in... I don't know how many years!
but it's been a long damn while!

cheers mate, you and Doc are making animation great!


Oh man, that artwork is amazing. Thanks for posting it!

If I can impose with a question, what media do you do your backgrounds in?

Anyways, I'm stoked for tonight's VB! Kevin Conroy AND The Monarch? It's too much awesome for me, I tells ya. I'm liable to just explode with happy.

The backgrounds are all painted in Photoshop, so the medium is...um...electricity? Pixels?


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