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Here Comes The Go!
adultswim.com has finally posted The Venture Bros. Season 4 preview we cut together for the San Diego Comic Con...

In other news, we recorded episode 48 yesterday...

And the new Professor Impossible is...Bill Hader.

Looks great, can't wait!

i must say, that was my general reaction as well lol XD

Omg White and Billy dancing was hilarious. Preview looks great! Cant wait to see it all unfold!

Oh my fucking God.

I can't even.


I'm all aflutter with anticipation!


...were you going for an outside Monarch reference?


Serious squeeage here! Want. It. Now!

BILL HADER! A situation in which I would be more excited would be highly improbable!

(Deleted comment)
just had a geekgasm.. *passes out.

That was the awesomest handfull of minutes I've been privileged to witness in a long time!

That rocked!


See you mugs at DragonCon.

Glad I did laundry, cuz now I need a change of pants.

Hi, do you mind me asking what your icon is from? >_>;;

BTW Jackson, the Venture Bros panel at Comic Con kicked ass!! <333

Looks brilliant. Can't wait for the new season to start.

Billy Quizboy and Sgt. Hatred? Good Lord, have you been reading slash fiction?

The trailer looks great. I love how the show appears to be taking on an organic feel, to the extent that it is being allowed to grow and change, instead of being confined to a rigid structure (like many animated series). Whether this was a conscious decision or not in the beginning, I suspect it helps to keep the writing fun (or at least tolerable :) ).

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(Deleted comment)
OH GOD. A reason to go on. Thanks!

Looks great! JG Thrilwell outdone himself again with the score!

(Deleted comment)
Master Billy Quizboy and Pete White dancing? Long-haired Hank? More Gary? Even better art? I seriously cannot wait. *bites lip*

All I can say is, Thank You Thank You Thank You for season 4!


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