Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Are there ever going to be Venture action figures?

You guys should hook up with Hot Toys and produce some amazing 1//6(12") Venture toys. I can just picture Monarch now.

If I showed you pictures of the amazing Monarch and Dr Girlfriend dolls a friend crocheted me, would you sue us?

Not if you don't sell them, or transport them across state lines.

They were a gift; sell over my dead body. But, does this mean if I ever move out of state I have to surrender them at Williams St. on my way out of town?

I'm a photographer, so taking pictures of things is a much bigger ordeal than it should be. I'll be back with them when you least expect it have forgotten all about it.

You mentioned at the panel you guys are still trying to find a company to pick up designs? One of the partners at Shocker mentioned on Sunday he'd LOVE to do VB figures. Give them a call!

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