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For those in the market for an e-cigarette, I should say that so far I am far happier with the Red Dragon than I was with the Smoke 51. And not just because the name is ten times cooler.

good to hear a good review of the red dragon...i've been having a lot of problems with both the DSE901 and the DSE103 (they're both great when they're working, but they dont seems to work very often these days)...so i've been back on the lucky strike filters, perhaps i'll give the red dragon a try.

I originally went for the Smoke 51 because it was the first one I saw where the "filters" were self-contained little disposable vials of nicotine with built-in atomizers--so you don't have to refill them or clean out the atomizer or anything. But the charger was busted right out of the package, so I only got to smoke it for a day before having to send it back for a new one. The new one arrived a week later and the charger broke after a day. Conclusion: crappy charger, and they didn't even bother to respond to my emails about it the second time around. Then I saw the Red Dragon and not only was it a bit smaller (closer to cigarette size, but still a bit thicker and longer) but, like I said, it had a cornily great name and I'm attracted to such things. The equipment it came with seems much more solidly made, and I find it absolutely hysterical that I can charge this thing on my laptop with the USB adaptor (not included with the Smoke 51 model). They also make the cartridges with higher nicotine levels than the Smoke 51 had available. So I'm hoping this will make me quit real cigarettes soon, or at least cut back and not have to duck out for so many cigarette breaks when I'm working at the studio.

Wow, I never knew about those before. I'm really tempted to buy one just so I can smoke while I work. I'd have no idea what nicotine level to request though. Do you have any idea how much is in normal cigarettes?

Excited for Season 4, too. Looks great - I miss you guys at WL!

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