Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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You should so get one of the Always Sunny guys (and/or Kaitlin Oslon) to do a guest spot on the show. Extra points if you get Devito.

They're all great on that show, but personally I'm a Charlie fan. He actually out-Hank's Hank in some of those episodes. I was actually p.o.'ed when they had him dressed up as Serpico in one episode, because I immediately thought "damn it...now Hank can't do that."

Haha! It's true. At least Hank is somewhat literate, though.

Woah. Never occurred to me, but Charlie is my favorite from Always Sunny, and Hank's my favorite of the regular crew on Venture.

Now I want to see Charlie dress up like Hank, but not in a weird cos-play sort of way.

Charlie is the greatest, and I totally agree about him being Hank-ish. That would be awesome to have some of those guys on the show. Also good call on the TV on the Radio.

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