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The secret files of the Ventureverse

mmm vacation :)

Oh indeed, I totally understand you! A adventure like that brings you lots of beautiful memories. I also spent some beautiful times on these cheap cruises I found on the Internet. MY family and I we have also had some beautiful experiences on that cruise.

Looks like very sweet stuff. Can't wait! :3

And we love you, too.

This is awesome stuff to hear! Thank you so much for the updates, and keep up the amazing work!

And I'll be sniffing around for panel details -- It'll be my first trip to SDCC, and I was seriously hoping you folks would be there!

Kevin Conroy?

Please tell me there's an 'I Am The Bat' throwback.

This! That would be amazing!

Wow, sounds like a relaxing vacation! Three years... I can't imagine.

Great pictures!

Three years and no vacation..., he must have been through some rough times, hard work only, he definitely worth a break. It seems that the Rome hotels relaxing atmosphere had inspired him well, the episodes after his return are awesome!

Wow, not bad for a first vacation in a while! I hope you guys get way more vacation time from here on out. You deserve it for all the work you put into the show.

I'm ridiculously excited for Season 4. I secretly check almost every night to see if there's a new episode, haha. The screencap of The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is just stunning. I could tell what you meant about the new inking style in the shot of Dr. Venture and I can't wait to see that animated! I don't think I'd of picked up on that at first glance, so I'm glad I read this. I'm also in love with any structure that sports giant rose windows, so good job winning the key to my heart (like Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's tiny crown hadn't already done that).

You guys are amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how much you two really seem to love what you're doing. As has been said, we love you too!!


Now, if PROFIT leads to CHANGE, why does CHANGE lead to random squiggles (possibly lazy lightning?) which lead to DANGER?

You should so get one of the Always Sunny guys (and/or Kaitlin Oslon) to do a guest spot on the show. Extra points if you get Devito.

My friend's been using them since April. She's delighted by being able to "smoke" indoors now. It's a shame the F.D.A. is so anti-e-cig; it's helping a lot of people quit.

Still looking forward to Season 4. You all deserve some much-needed rest afterward!

For those in the market for an e-cigarette, I should say that so far I am far happier with the Red Dragon than I was with the Smoke 51. And not just because the name is ten times cooler.

i was literally just talking with someone and we were wondering how the next season was coming along. keep up the great work and we absolutely adore these updates.

Lookin` good fella! Thanks for all the integrity and hard work. Out of all my heroes, you make me want to vomit the least. glad to see you using the money I gave you for DVDs to go off and look like a cool "I go to europe" guy. Seriously, in pic one you look very rugged, almost like a Texan. You should have been on a horse, for shame.

Man, I can't lie. I stole season two from my old roommate.

I'm having a hard time trying to articulate just how badly I want to buy season 4. If it could skip airing on television or AdultSwim.com and go straight to DVD ~ I'd immediately snatch it up in a bear trap.

I've been on a steady diet of all three seasons for the past few months, and I can't wait to watch something new. About 50% of my daily conversation with my boyfriend deteriorates into Venture Brother quotes or references that are applicable to what we are discussing. I think that some of my neurological pathways might be starting to atrophy because of my addiction your show...

So, thank you and keep up the great work!!

P.S. I hope that season 4 has as much swearing and full-frontal nudity as season 3 did.

colorful language + cock = higher ratings

Sorry to disappoint, but so far I think we've only got one cock in the show this season. But it's a dead guy's, if that helps.

Hahaha, 'Perchance to Dean.'

I fuckin' love it.

Puns as episode titles are pure win.

It's so cool to have watched this show grow into what it is now :P I remember telling folks about VB and getting the crinkled eyeybrowed "Huh? Never heard of that show." I remember rallying for second season, listening to the Christmas song and prison phone call with Monarch and Dr G, and buying an Astrobase Tee in hopes of keeping the magic alive, and now look at you! All big and grown up! LOL! =D Keep the awesomesauce rolling boys! ;)

As usual, I can hardly wait as it sounds amazing.

Good taste with TV On The Radio by the way, I only recently discovered that album and love it.

You do the same thing with vacations that I do. I'll have a 5 minute conversation with a resort manager about booking the circus and write the stay off as a business expense.

Any chance seasons 1 & 2 will be re-released on blu-ray? I loved the music cd extra with my copy.

YAY!!! I was just jonesing for VB news and remembering the glory of receiving my Shirt Club envelopes in the mail each week.

Glad you had a good vacation. NOW GET BACK TO WORK! :)

(p.s. Loooove you!)

Is helper really 'dead'? He can be reassembled.

Nice to see that you're finally able to enjoy the fruits of your brilliant labors. It's also great to see that you're all still fired up creatively, it's so easy to get jaded in this business. Here's hoping the love continues until you're ready to move on to the next fantastic project!

Thank you for the update.

I thought you had given up on the livejournal

Not enough people telling him he's "Teh-uh sex" maybe?

How funny. When I was at Florida Supercon in 2007 Kevin Conroy said his FAVORITE Batman: TAS episode is "Perhance to Dream." And being a fellow Batman junkie as yourself, I have to ask... Is there a connection at all? Especially since now you have Kevin Conroy in an episode? Not the same episode, but still. Oh and By the way. Have you seen Repo! The Genetic Opera? I have to say, I think you'll like it.

No connection with the Batman episode...there are only so many Shakespeare lines one can crib for episode titles, so we're bound to overlap eventually.

Haven't seen Repo, no. But I saw a line of people outside the movie theater on opening night, took one look at them, and thought "I do not want to be stuck in a room with them for two hours."

Ah, damn, I'll be on the wrong coast again for SDCC! Oh, well, will hold down NYC for you.

Can't wait for the new season! November is going to be great with both Venture and Metalocalypse coming back.

Wow. These are just gorgeous--y'all rock!
So glad the trip was restful and fun too.

I am beyond thrilled that KevinMotherfuckingConroy is going to be in season 4. Is it time now?




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